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Royal Engagement Facebook Fail

November 26, 2010


October 3, 2010

Yesterday I worked my first All Souls Wedding.

Amongst us girls, that is, Hannah, Maw and I, we have had girly wedding conversations already (!).

One fairly big dilemma for me currently is where I would get married. I have always said that I want to get married in the Quire at Southwell Minster. But, if I met someone from All Souls, would we end up getting married there? It would mean easier travel arrangements for most people.

Surprisingly, yesterdays’ Wedding at All Souls didn’t persuade me. I still want to get married at Southwell. It’s beautiful. It’s the country. It’s the memories. It’s home.

Obviously, this is all very dependent on finding a man to go with the marriage package, and what his thoughts and feelings are on the subject. But, y’know, I’m just sayin’.


Hazel and Tony’s Wedding

August 30, 2010

On Saturday Hazel was a Princes.

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I caught a train from Euston to Berkhampstead with enough time to walk to the church. I decided to walk along the canal, as it would be prettier than the road… however, I hadn’t taken into account the recent rain, and the towpath was muddy, wearing flip-flops for comfort while traveling was a great idea, but I did arrive at the church with mud specks on my legs! Hilarious! You’ll be pleased to know that I was able to get myself sorted before the ceremony!

It was lovely to catch up with LST folks from the years above me. I hadn’t seen some of them for a while!

Hazel looked beautiful! And Tony didn’t look too bad, either!

The service was lovely, Hazel’s W2/3 led us in sung worship, the service being led by the pastor from Hazel’s home church and Tony’s church where they both now attend. Cat sang How deep the Father’s love for us beautifully, too. We were instructed to leave the church, dancing, as the Bride and Groom came back down the isle to I’m a Believer by The Monkees!

The reception was held at a beautiful country pub on the outskirts of Chesham, the rain held off until we were all eating, which was fantastic timing… there was a rainbow over the marquee after the rain, which made the day more special!

To break with tradition, Tony and Hazel had a ‘First Skelectric Race’ as opposed to a ‘First Dance’! Which kept the children, and others entertained most of the evening! It was very them, which I loved.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Groves!



July 11, 2010

Canals change your perspective on the world.

Everything passes you by slowly. You can appreciate the beautiful surroundings. You can stop where you like for the night (within reason). I loved that we stop in the middle of nowhere most of the time.

I spent the week following Graduation aboard my parents narrowboat, Coriander. I wasn’t sure how it would go, spending a long time with my Mum and Dad on a boat, but we had a good time! At the weekend, Matthew was around too, so he was at my graduation day. We all headed into London early on Sunday morning, as I was playing at All Souls for the Orchestral morning services. Which was followed by lunch at Pizza Express with Daniel and others, to celebrate his new job!

I went home on Friday in order to be around for Amelia’s wedding, which was beautiful! The service was perfect. Incredible. It was truly lovely to catch up with Sophie and the Teague’s – it’s been far too long!

The Teague family

(the girls have grown into models…!)

Sophie and I

The following week, Dave and I spent on Coriander. We had a really lovely time… and we didn’t break it… until we were 1mile away from our rendezvous point with Dad!! Dave let me play with his camera, and I now love photography! Here’s some pictures we both took:

Going through the first tunnel

Coming out the other side; we hadn’t lost a fender after all!

Feeding the ducks

Where we moored for the night; so peaceful 🙂

Watch out, its me piloting!

Me steering us into the dark, again!

Down the locks…

Building a new marina…

Silhouette at dusk on our last night aboard

Silhoette at dusk
As I was saying about perspective, there is a section of the Grand Union canal which runs parallel to both the M1 and the Railway in a valley. But it is only from the canal that you can really appreciate this. Driving along the M1, you would probably have no idea about the canal or railway. From the train, you can, if you’re looking attentively see the canal in fleeting moments. But only along the canal do you really notice this.

I also went to an LST reunion with my original LST year. It was a trek to drive from Nottinghamshire to Maidenhead, and I wasn’t sure if I would really be valued. But, because I promised Dave a lift, I got there. I’m so glad I went! I felt so loved and appreciated by people I didn’t think cared about me. I must make more of an effort to stay in touch with folks…


post exams, post wedding

June 16, 2010

Mum Dad and I set off south fairly early the morning after Victoria and Matthew’s wedding. I dropped them off at the narrowboat as they began their two week boating holiday, hoping to get somewhere near Northwood by the end of next weekend.

I drove onto LST and rested. I was so tired! I wanted to go to church that evening, but I didn’t know where, and I didn’t have much energy. I decided, last minute, to go to St Andrews, Chorleywood. The visiting preacher was Vicar of Baghdad, he was brilliant. I’m really glad I went. His sermon was on 1 Corinthians 13:13

‘There are three things that will endure – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.’

During the service, I had a vivid picture in my mind, a picture I long to sit down and sketch out myself. I’ll try and describe it though. It was of a human heart. The heart had many scars, some deep, some not so deep. But, despite the scar tissue, the wounds were not only healed, but stronger than before. Which reminded me of a friend’s comment:

‘LST is like having open heart surgery.’

On Monday, I rested some more, and later joined Lizzie J, Manon, Nicola and Shemida on a shopping trip to Watford. The girls were looking primarily for outfits for Graduation day. I already had mine, but needed something for Weddings this summer. I was successful in departing with money!!

On Tuesday I had two cello lessons! Greedy, I know, but it’s kinda the way it happened! My first lessons since my final recital which was, in my opinion, rubbish. We began to think about what next with my ‘cello, and my hopes to do the diploma, and I’m really quite excited about doing a lot of technical work. I need it, let’s be honest.

This afternoon I’m meeting Dave, and we’re off to see the Lion King, which I’m pretty darn excited about!


Victoria and Matthew’s Wedding 12th June 2010 (and preparations)

June 16, 2010

T’was the Wednesday before the Big Day as Victoria, Rachel and I commenced cake baking en mass:

Production line

Ready for the oven

All cooked (we had some disasters and tears along the way…)

All decorated, yes, all 211 of them!

The top section of the cake all finished

Last dress fitting the day before, I, chief bridesmaid was taught how to tie her in!

The Wedding Day, Saturday 12th June 2010:

The arrival of the Bride and her Daddy

Mother of the Bride and two bridesmaids patiently waiting

Some cellist they dragged off the street to play for the ceremony

The new Mr and Mrs Matthew Webster

Proud parents of the Bride

Bride and Groom with Bridesmaids

Best friends since aged 3, giggling as ever!

Will we ever grow up?!

As chief bridesmaid, I had little time to stop the whole day, despite being shattered, I had a truly fabulous day! I not only did chief bridesmaids tasks, but I looked after the Mother of the Bride, I (with the help of my Dad) organised the scene changes, and made everything happen as Victoria had hoped. I also did things the Best Man and Ushers should have been doing, as well as looking after Victoria and looking pretty myself! My feet hurt by the end of the day! Crazy, fun filled times.


Victoria’s Hen Weekend in pictures

May 18, 2010

We got the train here:

We found the Sea

And went to the Sea Life Centre

Check this Sea Horse out!

We found Nemo

I hung out with Henrietta’s long-lost cousins for a while

We walked along the Seaside

Victoria was not impressed by her mother’s pranks!

The T-shirts!

We ate lots of food 🙂

Some of us danced the nights away!

We had Champagne breakfast!

I met up with my cousin, Keith

We had a picnic in Peasholm park

We went on the Dragon Peddle boats

We hung out

We played Crazy golf, which got a wee bit competitive towards the end!

Victoria and I were crowned Queen of the Special people!

We made an awesome Sandcastle

Scarborough Castle was our inspiration!

We were kids!

The tide destroyed our creation 😦

We went out for more food

We had Barry Ice Creams!

We got up at 4am (after getting in at gone 1am) to watch the Sunrise!

Which did not fail to leave me in awe of creation

All in all, we had a fantabulous weekend. I completely forgot about work and LST and much fun was had.