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October 24, 2010

I love Autumn. Not just because it contains my birthday and bonfire night. But because of the beauty that is revealed to is in the created world. I feel so blessed with my new camera, that I can capture moments, and enjoy them for moments to come. Here’s some of what I saw this weekend around London:

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Hazel and Tony’s Wedding

August 30, 2010

On Saturday Hazel was a Princes.

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I caught a train from Euston to Berkhampstead with enough time to walk to the church. I decided to walk along the canal, as it would be prettier than the road… however, I hadn’t taken into account the recent rain, and the towpath was muddy, wearing flip-flops for comfort while traveling was a great idea, but I did arrive at the church with mud specks on my legs! Hilarious! You’ll be pleased to know that I was able to get myself sorted before the ceremony!

It was lovely to catch up with LST folks from the years above me. I hadn’t seen some of them for a while!

Hazel looked beautiful! And Tony didn’t look too bad, either!

The service was lovely, Hazel’s W2/3 led us in sung worship, the service being led by the pastor from Hazel’s home church and Tony’s church where they both now attend. Cat sang How deep the Father’s love for us beautifully, too. We were instructed to leave the church, dancing, as the Bride and Groom came back down the isle to I’m a Believer by The Monkees!

The reception was held at a beautiful country pub on the outskirts of Chesham, the rain held off until we were all eating, which was fantastic timing… there was a rainbow over the marquee after the rain, which made the day more special!

To break with tradition, Tony and Hazel had a ‘First Skelectric Race’ as opposed to a ‘First Dance’! Which kept the children, and others entertained most of the evening! It was very them, which I loved.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Groves!


Victoria’s Hen Weekend in pictures

May 18, 2010

We got the train here:

We found the Sea

And went to the Sea Life Centre

Check this Sea Horse out!

We found Nemo

I hung out with Henrietta’s long-lost cousins for a while

We walked along the Seaside

Victoria was not impressed by her mother’s pranks!

The T-shirts!

We ate lots of food 🙂

Some of us danced the nights away!

We had Champagne breakfast!

I met up with my cousin, Keith

We had a picnic in Peasholm park

We went on the Dragon Peddle boats

We hung out

We played Crazy golf, which got a wee bit competitive towards the end!

Victoria and I were crowned Queen of the Special people!

We made an awesome Sandcastle

Scarborough Castle was our inspiration!

We were kids!

The tide destroyed our creation 😦

We went out for more food

We had Barry Ice Creams!

We got up at 4am (after getting in at gone 1am) to watch the Sunrise!

Which did not fail to leave me in awe of creation

All in all, we had a fantabulous weekend. I completely forgot about work and LST and much fun was had.


This post contains happenings and things I’ve been meaning to blog for the last couple of weeks!

April 16, 2010

I returned back to the world of LST the week before term started. It was good to go home, but I was glad it was only for a short time. Returning to LST has always been like coming home. Being at my parent’s house, my routine got out of sync. and everything seemed hard work. But it was good to spend time with my parents, catch up with friends. Being able to help around the house was pretty awesome, not to mention the ability to run up stairs which showed a massive improvement in my health since coming back to LST in February.

While at home, I went with Victoria for her wedding dress fitting. How very exciting! This was made all the more interesting because she was in a sling following an operation on her shoulder the week before! The dress maker showed me how to tie her into the dress!
We also talked Hen weekend which was fun 🙂

On Thursday I went for a spontaneous picnic with an old school friend who now lives and works in London, Sophie. We were chatting on Facebook chat at lunchtime, and she wanted to go for a picnic to appreciate the good weather! I took along cake I’d made at home, and met Sophie and a friend of hers from work at Regents Park. Unfortunately by this time the sun was setting, so we got cold pretty quickly. But we were too busy enjoying our picnic, chatting and catching up (I’d not seen Sophie for a year), that we didn’t notice how dark it had got until we started to pack up. And then, we realised we were locked in Regents Park! What excitement! Hehe. Hilarious!

Unfortunately I wasn’t so well after that, possibly a mixture of overdoing it and getting a bit cold on the way home; the daytime sun can be so deceiving!

I’ve recently begun my Disney DVD collection, which is very exciting. On Friday a good friend came to visit, we ate food and watched the Jungle Book! Fun times. I’m not surprised why I was so scared of that film when I was a kid!

I didn’t make it to church on Sunday morning, but went with the LST group to St Andrews, Chorleywood in the evening. I found it really hard to worship. I was in a bad place. I just wanted to go home, back to LST. I received a text from Dad during the service and I knew something wasn’t quite right, so I called him straight after the service. He said he thought I’d like to know that mother had fallen in and taken a bite out of the boat in the process. To which I initially thought she’d crashed the boat, damaging it and the force threw her in the water. Then he said she’d done similar to me (in regards to smashing teeth), which confused me.
Dad has been re-designing the cratch, which is the front ‘porch’ of the narrowboat. So they were spending the weekend on the boat, Dad was doing woodwork. He asked Mum to help him with something, after which she either slipped or took a step backwards and ended up in the water between the boat and the mooring pontoon. But she hit her face on the boat on the way, which has misplaced 5 of her top teeth. Thankfully Dad was able to help her out of the River Trent with the help of another boater on the same pontoon.
We’re so thankful that she didn’t get knocked out, as the River has a strong current to it, and she could have been swept underneath the boat which wouldn’t have been so pretty. Although she doesn’t remember falling or hitting her face, just being in the water and thinking she needed to go up! I’m also glad it happened in front of Dad, I think he might have blamed her for being stupid had he not ‘seen’ it happen as such.
Mum has been pretty low this week, she was upset to have missed her colleagues retirement party on Sunday as she was in hospital. Last week I’d helped her choose a new dress for the occasion too! But she’s happy she’ll be wearing it new for my dissertation recital!
She also lost her glasses and her slippers (what was she doing on the outside of the boat in her slippers?!!)
I sent Mum a Get Well card, enclosing a couple of plasters for Coriander, where she ‘bit’ the boat! And I also explained that as much as she likes the fashion advice of her daughter, there are somethings, like smashing teeth that she shouldn’t try to emulate!
Saying all this, she was in work on Tuesday, her reasoning being that she wouldn’t get paid for the first three days off sick, and she said she can’t afford not to work… 😦

I managed to get some work done before term started, but not quite as much as I’d hoped. I wanted to take advantage of a lecturer’s offer to read drafts of my Arts essay, especially as I’ve not been here all year… but by Tuesday I’d only managed to get a third written.
Tuesday was an overwhelming day, people returning etc made me pretty anxious, just hearing the buzz of more people around college was draining. I realised that this is it; the beginning of the end. I will graduate this year. But I had forgotten about reading for our sexuality module, but didn’t have time to read it. I’d not done as much as I’d wanted for Arts. I still really want to do my Orchestral Arranging project, but hadn’t done much on it at all. I thought I’d been fairly productive over the holidays, but I’m beginning to think not enough.

I received an email from St John’s Wilmslow, they liked my application and have invited me to visit them for the weekend at the beginning of May – straight after my dissertation recital! That week is going to be crazy, with All Souls Prom Praise rehearsals for the RAH gig on May 8th too. [I’m hoping that playing at RAH will take my mind of the date?]

I saw Robert with the written part of my dissertation on Tuesday morning, he seemed fairly impressed and gave me a few things to tidy up 🙂 I’ve since sent him my *final* draft! Yay! I just need to tidy up my chronology of Beethoven’s life and works, and write my programme notes and add both to the appendices, then I think I’m done. Harah.

Wednesday was crazy. I should have listened to the warning signs. I was struggling even in chapel to stand and sing. Yet lots of people were telling me how well I am doing, and I couldn’t argue with them, but I was hurting. Instead of listening to the pain I ignored it.

I got very anxious when our Sexuality lecturer told us he wanted us to host a two hour debate on the subject of homosexuality in 2 weeks time; that is my dissertation recital day! ARGH

I had a rehearsal with Steve, my pianist for my recital, on Wednesday afternoon. It went well. He’s really impressed how much I’ve improved over the last year which was good to hear 🙂 It was really helpful for me to play with the piano accompaniment, to get to know how the parts work together. I’m really looking forward to my recital.

Obviously there’s been much talk of politics this term, which keeps meal times lively! I’m hoping to arrange to do a postal vote, but I’m relying on Dad to tell me what to do, how I contact Rushcliffe…

However, Wednesday evening I crashed big time. I felt so ill. I was seeing stars. I wound up on the floor whilst trying to take off my shoes. I put myself to bed early. Thursday, Lizzie woke me up, but I was still in so much pain, it was horrible. Somehow I managed to get to my lectures. I planned on making a bacon sandwich in coffee time, but there was a fire drill, so I didn’t have chance, and then it was lunchtime after the next lecture.

I spent the rest of the day resting, and taking it easy, but trying not to sleep, knowing it’d mess up my sleep pattern. I sat outside in the sunshine for an hour, which really helped my mood as I’d been incredibly low. I was able to tidy my room which made me feel better 🙂 I picked up in the evening, but soon felt the warning signs returning so went to bed at a sensible time… but I didn’t sleep until 6am!! But, I got to hear the birds morning chorus which was lovely! And I didn’t even think about taking more drugs than I should, which is pretty amazing… I just went with it and watched iPlayer! I was able to sleep until lunchtime today, when I felt better. Although I’d been woken up by Maintenance dept at 10.30 in the roof space above my room and I heard ‘…I’ll go and fetch the poison…’ which made my last hour and a half of sleep more disturbed!

I wore a skirt today, which is usually a sign I’m not so depressed 🙂 I tried working this afternoon, but have been struggling with my Arts essay. I know there is a blatant link between Suffering and Creativity, but I need to find some scholars who say as much; I only had Rob Bell until this evening! But I think I’ve found some good links now… so hope to make good progress on it tomorrow, so I can send it to Chris 🙂

I did practice in Chapel before tea, playing through my dissertation programme, which was really uplifting. I know it’s going to go okay, there are only a few tiny little corners I need to polish now. I just need to be careful not to overdo it! This evening, I put on my dress and shoes that I’ve been saving for my recital, with the hope of trying it with my cello in chapel. But I couldn’t get into Chapel this evening, which was frustrating.
I am looking forward to my lessons in the next few weeks with Margaret and Sue in Eton.

I also got a message inviting me to Amelia’s hen do in June. Exciting times.

On the whole I am really looking forward to this term. I love everything we’re studying. It’ll be exciting finding out what happens next. But I am also sad to think I will be leaving the place I so fondly call home; the people, the security, the support, etc.

I think that is all for now! I’m hoping for a fruitful Saturday and looking forward to Sunday in Finchley!


Aeroplanes and Iceland

April 15, 2010

Prior to my visit to Iceland in 2002, I remember being a little anxious about Volcanic activity. At that time, the volcano’s weren’t really active, but still, amongst the glaciers, they were an impressive sight. [I would share my pictures with you, but they’re all on slides… back in the day… before digital photography 😉 ]

So, the recent eruptions have caught my attention. The pictures are pretty impressive.

A group of school children from Loughborough have been evacuated from their accommodation in the early hours as they were in a vulnerable position in relation to the active volcano. That must be pretty scary! Especially as the British air space is closed until the ash cloud clears, so their flights home tomorrow are unlikely.

Read here to find out more.

One article said ‘It’s not just tourists who have been affected, but British sport, too.’ As if sport is the most important thing it’s affecting?! [Sorry] But seriously, what about the Icelanders who’ve been evacuated from their homes?


National Express

March 26, 2010

Today I embarked on my journey back north along the M1, to Robin Hood country.

As I set off, I prayed, as I always do. As I’d finished praying and I joined the M1, the rain began! To be fair, it wasn’t a bad journey, especially considering it’s Friday. It took about 3 hours from leaving LST to get home, including filling up with fuel in Watford on the way.
But one thing that really upset me was a National Express coach driver. Around Northampton area, I was overtaking a convoy of lorries, and thus was in the middle lane. There were three or four lorries on my left, cars ahead of me, and many cars in the right-hand lane. Oh, and did I mention the weather? I was trying to keep a sensible gap ahead of me, but most of the time other drivers would fill it for me… But essentially I had no where to go, other than keep up with the flow of traffic. Then the National Express coach pulls out behind me, also over taking the lorries. He was so close to the back of my car, I was actually scared. Like, inches away from me. I felt incredibly intimidated. And then, he starts flashing me, as if to say ‘get out of my way!’ As I said, I had no where to go! I couldn’t pull out into the right hand lane, there were too many cars! I couldn’t go faster than the car in front of me, and unlike the coach driver, I was leaving a gap. He got closer and closer, flashing me and flashing me. I felt so bullied. Eventually, a gap appeared in the right hand lane and I went for it; I just wanted to get out of the way of this coach! I got to Watford Gap services and had a little panic and called Dad.
I just don’t get it. Lorry drivers, on the whole are legends. I love lorry drivers! The majority of the time I’m doing a long journey, I almost feel protected by them. Wherever I can I let them out in front of me, on the grounds that they do similar at times when I’m joining a motorway.
I would have thought coach drivers would be the same? Apparently not. But then I remembered a couple of years ago when National Express coaches crashed at Newport Pagnell Services and on the M4.
I think I’m going to continue travelling on the train when I’m using public transport!
I’m left doubting my driving skills. But, I know I’m not a bad driver! (I even got the Miles per Gallon thingie to the highest it’s been certainly since Matthew crashed it, if not the highest we’ve got it?!)


March 1, 2010
Sunshine and blue sky as viewed from my desk here at LST.
It’s a new day.
It’s a new week.
It’s a new month.
Spring is here?