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Tea Pots

January 22, 2011

There’s something sophisticated about having a Tea Pot. I’ve sufficed with making tea in a mug for the majority of the last 5 years or so, when I moved to university, and especially when I was at home drinking de-caff and everyone else would have normal Tea. I didn’t miss using a tea pot that much, or so I thought.

I’ve longed to own some Emma Bridgewater items for a long time. I love the simple practicality of a lot of her stuff. Living in Central London, and having an Emma Bridgewater shop on Marylebone High Street, a very short walk away from our flat, has played a huge temptation, which I am quite proud to say I resisted buying anything… Until it came to the January sales!

But at half price, I couldn’t wait any longer. This is similar to the Tea Pot I now own:

Beautiful, don’t you agree?

I know, a little extravagant.

But if Tea makes the world a better place, making Tea in a Tea Pot makes even better Tea, then, my word, the Tea I now drink is fabulous. It has all that extra space to diffuse and brew. And milk can be put in the mug first, and doesn’t it all make such a difference?! And, it’s even better than the Tea at home, as Mum and Dad’s Tea Pots are stainless steel, mine is pottery. The difference is wonderful.

Owning a Tea Pot enables me to feel like I belong in our flat; I am able to host wonderful people and make wonderful Tea. And play ‘mum’ using my beautiful Tea Pot. It’s comforting. And homely.



August 14, 2010

My first proper ‘weekend,’ or should I say ‘two days off,’ now I’m in the world of work… I needed them, desperately!

I spent my time;

  • sleeping
  • attempting to lay-in, but instead getting a headache from the builders next door, even on Saturday!
  • visiting Northwood, fun times with the wonderful Scott and Luke, popping in to LST and good chats with Steve and Robert. Ace.
  • collecting my degree certificate
  • cooking exciting meals
  • eating good food
  • sleeping
  • blogging
  • reading
  • shopping
  • fun times with the wonderful Cat, cooking fajitas, playing Flux
  • sleeping

It was good. Although, I’m trying not to beat myself up that I haven’t yet had my ‘cello out, but I’ve not had the energy; sad times.


post exams, post wedding

June 16, 2010

Mum Dad and I set off south fairly early the morning after Victoria and Matthew’s wedding. I dropped them off at the narrowboat as they began their two week boating holiday, hoping to get somewhere near Northwood by the end of next weekend.

I drove onto LST and rested. I was so tired! I wanted to go to church that evening, but I didn’t know where, and I didn’t have much energy. I decided, last minute, to go to St Andrews, Chorleywood. The visiting preacher was Vicar of Baghdad, he was brilliant. I’m really glad I went. His sermon was on 1 Corinthians 13:13

‘There are three things that will endure – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.’

During the service, I had a vivid picture in my mind, a picture I long to sit down and sketch out myself. I’ll try and describe it though. It was of a human heart. The heart had many scars, some deep, some not so deep. But, despite the scar tissue, the wounds were not only healed, but stronger than before. Which reminded me of a friend’s comment:

‘LST is like having open heart surgery.’

On Monday, I rested some more, and later joined Lizzie J, Manon, Nicola and Shemida on a shopping trip to Watford. The girls were looking primarily for outfits for Graduation day. I already had mine, but needed something for Weddings this summer. I was successful in departing with money!!

On Tuesday I had two cello lessons! Greedy, I know, but it’s kinda the way it happened! My first lessons since my final recital which was, in my opinion, rubbish. We began to think about what next with my ‘cello, and my hopes to do the diploma, and I’m really quite excited about doing a lot of technical work. I need it, let’s be honest.

This afternoon I’m meeting Dave, and we’re off to see the Lion King, which I’m pretty darn excited about!


This post contains happenings and things I’ve been meaning to blog for the last couple of weeks!

April 16, 2010

I returned back to the world of LST the week before term started. It was good to go home, but I was glad it was only for a short time. Returning to LST has always been like coming home. Being at my parent’s house, my routine got out of sync. and everything seemed hard work. But it was good to spend time with my parents, catch up with friends. Being able to help around the house was pretty awesome, not to mention the ability to run up stairs which showed a massive improvement in my health since coming back to LST in February.

While at home, I went with Victoria for her wedding dress fitting. How very exciting! This was made all the more interesting because she was in a sling following an operation on her shoulder the week before! The dress maker showed me how to tie her into the dress!
We also talked Hen weekend which was fun 🙂

On Thursday I went for a spontaneous picnic with an old school friend who now lives and works in London, Sophie. We were chatting on Facebook chat at lunchtime, and she wanted to go for a picnic to appreciate the good weather! I took along cake I’d made at home, and met Sophie and a friend of hers from work at Regents Park. Unfortunately by this time the sun was setting, so we got cold pretty quickly. But we were too busy enjoying our picnic, chatting and catching up (I’d not seen Sophie for a year), that we didn’t notice how dark it had got until we started to pack up. And then, we realised we were locked in Regents Park! What excitement! Hehe. Hilarious!

Unfortunately I wasn’t so well after that, possibly a mixture of overdoing it and getting a bit cold on the way home; the daytime sun can be so deceiving!

I’ve recently begun my Disney DVD collection, which is very exciting. On Friday a good friend came to visit, we ate food and watched the Jungle Book! Fun times. I’m not surprised why I was so scared of that film when I was a kid!

I didn’t make it to church on Sunday morning, but went with the LST group to St Andrews, Chorleywood in the evening. I found it really hard to worship. I was in a bad place. I just wanted to go home, back to LST. I received a text from Dad during the service and I knew something wasn’t quite right, so I called him straight after the service. He said he thought I’d like to know that mother had fallen in and taken a bite out of the boat in the process. To which I initially thought she’d crashed the boat, damaging it and the force threw her in the water. Then he said she’d done similar to me (in regards to smashing teeth), which confused me.
Dad has been re-designing the cratch, which is the front ‘porch’ of the narrowboat. So they were spending the weekend on the boat, Dad was doing woodwork. He asked Mum to help him with something, after which she either slipped or took a step backwards and ended up in the water between the boat and the mooring pontoon. But she hit her face on the boat on the way, which has misplaced 5 of her top teeth. Thankfully Dad was able to help her out of the River Trent with the help of another boater on the same pontoon.
We’re so thankful that she didn’t get knocked out, as the River has a strong current to it, and she could have been swept underneath the boat which wouldn’t have been so pretty. Although she doesn’t remember falling or hitting her face, just being in the water and thinking she needed to go up! I’m also glad it happened in front of Dad, I think he might have blamed her for being stupid had he not ‘seen’ it happen as such.
Mum has been pretty low this week, she was upset to have missed her colleagues retirement party on Sunday as she was in hospital. Last week I’d helped her choose a new dress for the occasion too! But she’s happy she’ll be wearing it new for my dissertation recital!
She also lost her glasses and her slippers (what was she doing on the outside of the boat in her slippers?!!)
I sent Mum a Get Well card, enclosing a couple of plasters for Coriander, where she ‘bit’ the boat! And I also explained that as much as she likes the fashion advice of her daughter, there are somethings, like smashing teeth that she shouldn’t try to emulate!
Saying all this, she was in work on Tuesday, her reasoning being that she wouldn’t get paid for the first three days off sick, and she said she can’t afford not to work… 😦

I managed to get some work done before term started, but not quite as much as I’d hoped. I wanted to take advantage of a lecturer’s offer to read drafts of my Arts essay, especially as I’ve not been here all year… but by Tuesday I’d only managed to get a third written.
Tuesday was an overwhelming day, people returning etc made me pretty anxious, just hearing the buzz of more people around college was draining. I realised that this is it; the beginning of the end. I will graduate this year. But I had forgotten about reading for our sexuality module, but didn’t have time to read it. I’d not done as much as I’d wanted for Arts. I still really want to do my Orchestral Arranging project, but hadn’t done much on it at all. I thought I’d been fairly productive over the holidays, but I’m beginning to think not enough.

I received an email from St John’s Wilmslow, they liked my application and have invited me to visit them for the weekend at the beginning of May – straight after my dissertation recital! That week is going to be crazy, with All Souls Prom Praise rehearsals for the RAH gig on May 8th too. [I’m hoping that playing at RAH will take my mind of the date?]

I saw Robert with the written part of my dissertation on Tuesday morning, he seemed fairly impressed and gave me a few things to tidy up 🙂 I’ve since sent him my *final* draft! Yay! I just need to tidy up my chronology of Beethoven’s life and works, and write my programme notes and add both to the appendices, then I think I’m done. Harah.

Wednesday was crazy. I should have listened to the warning signs. I was struggling even in chapel to stand and sing. Yet lots of people were telling me how well I am doing, and I couldn’t argue with them, but I was hurting. Instead of listening to the pain I ignored it.

I got very anxious when our Sexuality lecturer told us he wanted us to host a two hour debate on the subject of homosexuality in 2 weeks time; that is my dissertation recital day! ARGH

I had a rehearsal with Steve, my pianist for my recital, on Wednesday afternoon. It went well. He’s really impressed how much I’ve improved over the last year which was good to hear 🙂 It was really helpful for me to play with the piano accompaniment, to get to know how the parts work together. I’m really looking forward to my recital.

Obviously there’s been much talk of politics this term, which keeps meal times lively! I’m hoping to arrange to do a postal vote, but I’m relying on Dad to tell me what to do, how I contact Rushcliffe…

However, Wednesday evening I crashed big time. I felt so ill. I was seeing stars. I wound up on the floor whilst trying to take off my shoes. I put myself to bed early. Thursday, Lizzie woke me up, but I was still in so much pain, it was horrible. Somehow I managed to get to my lectures. I planned on making a bacon sandwich in coffee time, but there was a fire drill, so I didn’t have chance, and then it was lunchtime after the next lecture.

I spent the rest of the day resting, and taking it easy, but trying not to sleep, knowing it’d mess up my sleep pattern. I sat outside in the sunshine for an hour, which really helped my mood as I’d been incredibly low. I was able to tidy my room which made me feel better 🙂 I picked up in the evening, but soon felt the warning signs returning so went to bed at a sensible time… but I didn’t sleep until 6am!! But, I got to hear the birds morning chorus which was lovely! And I didn’t even think about taking more drugs than I should, which is pretty amazing… I just went with it and watched iPlayer! I was able to sleep until lunchtime today, when I felt better. Although I’d been woken up by Maintenance dept at 10.30 in the roof space above my room and I heard ‘…I’ll go and fetch the poison…’ which made my last hour and a half of sleep more disturbed!

I wore a skirt today, which is usually a sign I’m not so depressed 🙂 I tried working this afternoon, but have been struggling with my Arts essay. I know there is a blatant link between Suffering and Creativity, but I need to find some scholars who say as much; I only had Rob Bell until this evening! But I think I’ve found some good links now… so hope to make good progress on it tomorrow, so I can send it to Chris 🙂

I did practice in Chapel before tea, playing through my dissertation programme, which was really uplifting. I know it’s going to go okay, there are only a few tiny little corners I need to polish now. I just need to be careful not to overdo it! This evening, I put on my dress and shoes that I’ve been saving for my recital, with the hope of trying it with my cello in chapel. But I couldn’t get into Chapel this evening, which was frustrating.
I am looking forward to my lessons in the next few weeks with Margaret and Sue in Eton.

I also got a message inviting me to Amelia’s hen do in June. Exciting times.

On the whole I am really looking forward to this term. I love everything we’re studying. It’ll be exciting finding out what happens next. But I am also sad to think I will be leaving the place I so fondly call home; the people, the security, the support, etc.

I think that is all for now! I’m hoping for a fruitful Saturday and looking forward to Sunday in Finchley!


Surprises in Narnia

March 13, 2010

I can’t complain, I had almost 24 whole hours of goodness. Of feeling happy, with relatively little pain etc.

I decided to go to Tesco’s this afternoon as I’d run out of the necessary supplies of Soya milk, additional protein, fruit, and some treats. While I was there I had a brief look at what DVD’s they had and I got the new version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at a good price, so I bought it.

I watched the Rugby when I got back, which was a bit of a messy game for England to say the least! By half time I was feeling really rough. Tesco’s was really hard, firstly with going on a Saturday (not sure I had much wisdom on that one), then Mum called, so I was talking to her while doing shopping, which was, well, painful. The journey home was stressful as a Police car nearly collided with me as I went through green lights – it only put his blues on as it was coming towards me! And, I’ve discovered golfing is more exerting than I’d previously given credit; I’m incredibly achy in places that haven’t ached for a while! So, I’m in bed, having a restful evening.

Lizzie joined me to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which was lovely. I’ve never seen the new version all the way through and Lizzie hadn’t seen this version yet, either. I love Narnia.

I also love that Aslan appeared in one of my horrible dreams last week and made everything disappear.

I failed to mention yesterday that the event which picked me up from the depths of the horrendous valley I’ve been in mentally, was a surprise visit from my best friend. He actually made my day. I had been sat in my PJ’s at nearly lunchtime, having not eaten, or opened the curtains, or anything. Yet he encouraged me to work and I got a copy of my dissertation project to my supervisor. I did washing, I cleaned my room. Then we chilled out, and I napped, which was less fun, but it was okay, you know, because he was there. I miss him not being here.

He also introduced me to Longview‘s album, Mercury. I love it. My favorite song is I would. I’ve not really heard of them before, but that’s my rubbish-ness when it comes to music and names of bands, and so forth… I found their website and I really like what Rob had to say about his classical training;

“I didn’t want to be regurgitating classical music in a baroque style which was a lot of the music I was playing,” he says. “I wanted to create music about things I saw. The only interest I’ve got in music is the way it makes you feel about your own life, and what I was studying wasn’t relevant to my life. If you are in a rock band you’re not regurgitating, you are the creative force… you Are Beethoven”

I personally disagree with the regurgitating baroque music comment too. Part of why I love playing the ‘cello is that I can put my own interpretation into the music.
I think it’d take some more album’s to convince me that he is Beethoven, but the sentiment’s good, at least! Although, I wouldn’t wish the life of Beethoven upon anyone, either!

Anyway, thank you for your surprise visit. You made everything so much better.

Now I’m praying for restful, reviving sleep, and pain to go, please.


Krispy Kremes

March 4, 2010

I’ve missed Krispy Kremes. There isn’t one in Nottingham, so when I went to Tesco’s in Watford yesterday, I decided to be a little bit naughty, treat myself and buy a box. Of 12. I wanted to share them with people, but most people didn’t want one when I got back to LST.

After eating 2 yesterday evening I felt horrible. I had two for breakfast this morning and felt crap. And for some reason I had another two this afternoon.

I never want to eat another Krispy Kreme ever again. They’re against my religion, well okay, diet. But you knew that.


Do they never change?

March 2, 2010


I was sat on a bus today, on the seat in front of me was an elderly lady. About half way through my journey, an elderly couple got on the bus. The man sat next to the lady in front of me, he didn’t know this lady, and his wife sat on the other side of the isle to him. The gentleman then proceeded to flirt with the elderly lady he was sat with; ‘you’re hot stuff, you are!’ To which she replied ‘Thank you, you’ve made my day!’ Man laughs, points and says; ‘that’s my wife over there’

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with elderly people flirting, I actually think it’s kinda cute, but only when they’re SINGLE!

I nearly said to the gentleman’s wife; ‘Men, do they never change?!’ But wasn’t sure she would be able to hear me, so thought I’d keep myself out of it.