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Have I Got Bruce For You

May 27, 2010

I managed to get two tickets to take Daddy to the recording of Have I Got News For You on Wednesday evening as part of Daddy’s birthday things πŸ™‚

Originally we’d planned to meet at St Paul’s go up to the top of the Dome, find some food and join the queue at the London Studios. That was before I remembered that Steve, my accompanist for my Final Recital is only in on Wednesdays, and I also have Cello lessons on Wednesdays with Margaret. So I didn’t get to St Paul’s ’till gone 3.

Dad said he didn’t want to rush around things, so we went for a relaxed walk over the Millennium Bridge and along the South bank. We found the London Studios at around 4 and already there was a queue forming outside! So we decided we should probably find some food to eat and join them to guarantee seats!

We found a quaint little place called Henrietta Park, which I took pictures of for Henrietta, our Tortoise! We had some lovely Pizza and drinks and headed back to the London Studios, where there were now two queues, the one we had seen earlier was for QI, the second, shorted queue was for Have I Got News For You.

We joined the queue at 4.30, 2 hours before they were going to begin letting us in! We got chatting to the gentleman in front of us who turned out to be a regular! I used the time to read my book on Song of Songs as revision. They moved the queue twice while ticking off names and tickets.

When we were finally let in, we found ourselves on the front row of the middle section, just left of the center camera! The warm-up guy was funny, especially when he started talking to Dave in the audience who was so vague in answering every question, then he discovered that all the rest of us in the audience knew Dave! Heh.

The set is so much smaller, and cheaper looking in real life than it looks on TV!

The guests were Laura Solon with Ian and Ross Nobel with Paul, hosted by Bruce Forsyth!

It was really fun πŸ™‚ My favorite parts included:

  • When Bruce was insistent he’s older than the Queen, to then be told he isn’t!
  • When Ian went and joined the audience.
  • When Bruce sang to Laura, on more than one occasion.
  • When we, the audience answered for the panel.
  • When Ross and Paul went Dancing at the end, their microphones and battery packs fell off and they wound up crushing them.

We left the London Studios at almost 10pm, Dad wouldn’t have caught the train we’d booked! So it was good that we’d had a change of plan since Winifred died, to drive home from LST. By the time I’d finished packing etc. we got on the road about midnight, then had to get fuel at Tesco’s before hitting the M1. After a stop at Watford Gap, we got home around 2.30am.

Tired, happy, Lizzie.



February 23, 2010

Any advice for removing a Marmite stain from my fairly new pink iScout hoodie after an unfortunate breakfast time error?


Thinking Day

February 22, 2010

22nd February in WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) is World Thinking Day. [Within the Scout Association it’s Founders Day]

It’s a day when members throughout the world come together in their units and districts to consider the meaning of Scouting and Guiding and remember others involved throughout the world. Donations are collected for the Thinking Day Fund which supports projects to help Guides and Scouts around the world. February 22 was chosen as it was the birthday of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell and of Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and World Chief Guide.

Each year WAGGGS choose a theme for Thinking Day. This year, in the Centenary year of Girlguiding, the theme is “Together we can end extreme poverty and hunger.”

In my home District, there was a service at the local Methodist Church yesterday afternoon for all the units in our village. Colette and I have both been a bit cynical about it, in that it seems a bit of a cop-out especially as it’s the Centenary and all!

I have been thinking about friends who I have met at various points in my Guiding life, at Internationals, NSGSO and random other places.

  • I had a good phone call catch up with Colette.
  • I’ve been thinking of Sarah who has just returned to Britian having been working at Our Cabana (one of the four Guide World Centres) in Mexico. She is about to start work in London for WAGGGS – exciting times!
  • I received a text from Helen, who I met just recently at Innovate, asking how I was doing back at college πŸ™‚
  • I thought about NSGSO folks, and was happy to hear that Dad has been asked back again to be Assistant Scouter on this summers course, so he’s responsible for activities and logistics.

I saw Adrian today, he said he thought of me over the weekend, as his daughter had been on a Brownie Thinking Day event in Watford, and came home with a badge for her sash, and Adrian told her about my Campfire Blanket! Heh! I emailed him the pictures to show his daughter!

It was really ace to hear from a Father’s perspective how they really valued Brownies, giving his daughter that ‘girls only’ space which is such an integral part of the movements ethos, despite her being, like I was at her age, a tom-boy!


I didn’t know that

February 20, 2010

I know that Tomatoes are a Fruit and not a Vegetable, I remember being a very confused infant school pupil when I learned that.

But when I was in the car with the radio on today, I didn’t know whether or not to believe the advert which said that a Banana is actually a herb, not a Fruit (I can’t remember what the advertisement was for, though!) I figured I’d look it up when I got back, and low and behold, the internet tells me that a Banana is a herb! (Whilst, ironically, chocking on some grapes), I discovered that a botanical definition of a herb is:

‘plants without persistent, woody stems. This botanical use of the word β€˜herb’ is used to distinguish between trees and shrubs.’

The Banana plant does not have a wooden trunk, like fruit trees. Rather, the base of the leaves overlap and intertwine in such a way as to form a strong column that supports the plant and eventually its fruit. At the end of each season, the plant dies all the way back to the roots and must begin again almost from scratch.

Fascinating, huh?

I felt less stupid for not knowing this, when I met Jess in the kitchen, who, as it so happened, was eating a Banana, she didn’t know it was a herb, either!

And, thanks to my friend, Dave, who knows a ridiculous amount of useless information, Banana plants walk! But he couldn’t explain that one so well!

And now I’m left wondering if Banana’s count in one’s 5-a-day?