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Friendships and Text Messages

January 4, 2010

I found this text message amusing;

“After careful consideration of your performance as a friend in 2009, I have decided to extend your friendship for a further 12 months”



January 2, 2010

I arrived through the tunnel on a train from Sheffield, to the sight of the magnificent peak district hills, covered in snow. My words cannot describe their beauty. I hope my photography can capture a glimpse for me to share with you.

Due to the similarity of our names, Lizzie (Jakeman), Lyn (Lizzie’s auntie) and I (also Liz), decided to play a game of Pass the Pigs using our ‘other’ names. So, Robert (which Lizzie would have been called had she been a boy!), Berlinda (Lyn’s original name) and Thomas (which I would have been called had I been a boy!) set to play. Robert has never played the game before, and despite Berlinda’s fascination for Pigs in general, hadn’t played the game for a while, so I had the task of teaching them how to play! We had much fun and joy throwing two, very small pigs! Robert’s Mummy once again said how nice it was to hear the two of us laughing together!

Lizzie opened her Christmas present from me, and gave me my Christmas present – I am now the very blessed owner of the most beautifully soft slippers in the world!

During afternoon tea, we discussed the virtues of matchmaking and arranged marriages in the era of Pride and Prejudice. We discussed the resemblance of the character of Mr Bennett to that of one person in the room! His quiet, reserved character, not often contributing to conversation, but listening and observing. Hilarious.

Lizzie and I spent a studious two hours on New Year’s Eve writing essays. I almost have an introduction that I am happy with! Before switching off for the evening, playing games and seeing in 2010 together. Harah for friends :o)

We played Mah Jong and watched the fireworks in London on the television before heading towards bedfordshire.

Friday morning, I awoke before the afternoon. Lizzie and I spent another while working hard on essays, before heading to the pub for lunch with her parents. Lizzie opted not to have a pudding, but dived into other people’s when they weren’t watching! Naughty girl.

We both spent the afternoon working hard. My aim was to hit 1000 words by the end of the day. However at about 4.30 I ‘hit the wall’ and desperately needed rest. I slept for a couple of hours, which wasn’t so restful, but at least I was stopped. I had a bath, which helped me feel better. Lizzie had also had some down time, she’d been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which reminded me of when a certain someone read this to me when I was very ill in his room last year. We picked up work again for another couple of hours. I reached 1000 words, but I do not feel anywhere near half way through the essay! And, I didn’t feel any sense of achievement having reached the days goal 😦

I’m really not feeling well. My back and joints have gone incredibly clicky, which is painful. IBS is pretty bad too… acid reflux continually coming into my mouth and needing the bathroom a fair amount too. I think this is because over the last week or so I’ve run out of supplements, I ordered some more last weekend, so I’m hoping they’ve arrived by the time I get home.

We had tea, played more Mah Jong, during which Lizzie stole my first ever chance to go ‘Mah Jong’ and we went to bed.

Lizzie came into my room to wish me a Good Morning, and inform me that it was snowing again! She opened the curtains and I lay watching the snow; beautiful. However, it meant her parents wanted to get off sooner rather than later to drive home.

Dominic, a vile-din friend from NSGSO happened to be staying in Hathersage until Saturday morning with some friends from uni. He met me and we had tea in Calver and he drove me to Chesterfield which meant I just had one half hour train journey 🙂

Dad met me at the train station, and we picked up my new MacBookPro. Very exciting. We came home and put the cover on it and charged the battery. But I’m refusing to play with it until I’ve finished this Bible and the People of God essay discussing Sin in Deuteronomy and Romans.

So the MacBookPro is waiting for me downstairs – out of sight. The books upstairs are sat sprawled on my bed and desk willing the essay to write itself… It would be nice to be finished by tomorrow evening. We shall see?


My New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2010

I am going to do my utmost to view everything with a Positive Mental Attitude.

Glass half full.

Even on days when things don’t go so well and I’m feeling like death. I will be thankful.


Computers and Busses

December 30, 2009

After planning what I was going to do today, last night… it didn’t quite turn out like that!

At lunch time with Mum – which was more like breakfast for me… I realised my idea of upgrading my computer this year, while still eligible for student discount, would be even better while the VAT rate is still reduced. So I had a wee look on the tinterweb, and Mum and I decided to go and compare prices in Nottingham.

I came home having purchased a 15″ MacBook Pro. Nice.

They were actually out of stock, so I wont be able to play with it ’till Saturday, but hey.

On another exciting note, either side of departing with said large sum of money, I ran for a bus, twice! I’ve not been able to run for the bus for ages, certainly without feeling considerably crap afterwards, anyway. Okay, so it dig aggravate things, but not to the extent it could have done.

I’m going to Hope tomorrow ’till Saturday. To see the New Year in with Lizzie and spend some time with her catching up and writing essays together! Yay!

I hope my ‘dongle works while I’m there… but, if not, I will fill you in upon my return, before or after I’ve played with my new toy.



December 28, 2009

While we were on the boat, I finished the first draft of my Final Recital Program notes for our Integrating Theology and Music assessment. Since getting home, I’ve tweaked them and I’m pretty chuffed with the result so far.

That’s Arranging, Statement of Faith and Program notes complete, well drafted at least.

I couldn’t decide what to do next. I needed to pick one thing, else I’d waste time trying to decide! I figured that taking Formation Diary to work on in Hope while visiting Lizzie would be best, as I can do bits at a time, and doesn’t require so many books. Which means that tomorrow and Wednesday I shall begin to pick up where I left off with the Bible and the People of God essay comparing the doctrine of Sin in Deuteronomy and Romans…

I’m feeling more and more ready to go back to LST. I would love to return now, but I shall be patient.