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Protected: Cancer

January 22, 2011

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Surprises in Narnia

March 13, 2010

I can’t complain, I had almost 24 whole hours of goodness. Of feeling happy, with relatively little pain etc.

I decided to go to Tesco’s this afternoon as I’d run out of the necessary supplies of Soya milk, additional protein, fruit, and some treats. While I was there I had a brief look at what DVD’s they had and I got the new version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at a good price, so I bought it.

I watched the Rugby when I got back, which was a bit of a messy game for England to say the least! By half time I was feeling really rough. Tesco’s was really hard, firstly with going on a Saturday (not sure I had much wisdom on that one), then Mum called, so I was talking to her while doing shopping, which was, well, painful. The journey home was stressful as a Police car nearly collided with me as I went through green lights – it only put his blues on as it was coming towards me! And, I’ve discovered golfing is more exerting than I’d previously given credit; I’m incredibly achy in places that haven’t ached for a while! So, I’m in bed, having a restful evening.

Lizzie joined me to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which was lovely. I’ve never seen the new version all the way through and Lizzie hadn’t seen this version yet, either. I love Narnia.

I also love that Aslan appeared in one of my horrible dreams last week and made everything disappear.

I failed to mention yesterday that the event which picked me up from the depths of the horrendous valley I’ve been in mentally, was a surprise visit from my best friend. He actually made my day. I had been sat in my PJ’s at nearly lunchtime, having not eaten, or opened the curtains, or anything. Yet he encouraged me to work and I got a copy of my dissertation project to my supervisor. I did washing, I cleaned my room. Then we chilled out, and I napped, which was less fun, but it was okay, you know, because he was there. I miss him not being here.

He also introduced me to Longview‘s album, Mercury. I love it. My favorite song is I would. I’ve not really heard of them before, but that’s my rubbish-ness when it comes to music and names of bands, and so forth… I found their website and I really like what Rob had to say about his classical training;

“I didn’t want to be regurgitating classical music in a baroque style which was a lot of the music I was playing,” he says. “I wanted to create music about things I saw. The only interest I’ve got in music is the way it makes you feel about your own life, and what I was studying wasn’t relevant to my life. If you are in a rock band you’re not regurgitating, you are the creative force… you Are Beethoven”

I personally disagree with the regurgitating baroque music comment too. Part of why I love playing the ‘cello is that I can put my own interpretation into the music.
I think it’d take some more album’s to convince me that he is Beethoven, but the sentiment’s good, at least! Although, I wouldn’t wish the life of Beethoven upon anyone, either!

Anyway, thank you for your surprise visit. You made everything so much better.

Now I’m praying for restful, reviving sleep, and pain to go, please.