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Keswickian Adventures

July 24, 2010

I headed up North, on my way to Keswick via Newcastle, to stay the night at Cam’s wonderful house, in order to break up the travelling. Before heading over for the Keswick Convention and the Kids work that we would be doing. Here are a few things I want to share with you:

I caught the train from Newark on the old GNER route, and, whilst in Doncaster, there was an announcement made: ‘we apologise for the delay to our service, this is due to a new windscreen wiper being fitted to the front cabin.’ That has to be one of the most genuinely brilliant reasons for a train to be 8minutes late! Or, it’s just me?

When I arrived at Durham station (where Cam had arranged to meet me), we got in the car, and Cam got out two plastic cups and a bottle of Sprite, as Champagne to congratulate me on my new job! Wonderful. Absolutely amazing. I love Cam.

The journey back to his house was fully of laughter and giggles, I was so glad to be with him, to have been made happy by his presence! I discovered a large trampoline in his back garden, which, obviously, I had to go on! I can’t really wonder why I was tired after that… la la la

We arrived to a dull and drizzly Keswick, but this would not prevent us from having fun!

On the Tuesday (I think), Keswick had both a Hose-Pipe ban AND a Flood Warning in place!

Bearing in mind it was somewhat of a miracle that we were able to use the building we used last year, as in the November Floods, Rawnsley Hall was under water! Ironically, the only room not to be flooded was the basement, the anti-flood pumps were working, pumping all the water up, into the main hall, sigh.
We have a brand new industrial kitchen, with industrial cooker and dishwasher, a vast improvement on the old domestic ones. We had temporary floors, a new girls dorm which, in my opinion, was much better than being upstairs in the old creaky science lab! And we had porta-cabin loos outside… as the downstairs loos were somewhat unusable! It was all an exciting adventure anyway 🙂

Because of the school holidays being slightly earlier than usual this year, we had about twice as many kids in the 5-7’s tent as we normally get, which was exciting, but manic! I spent the whole of the first morning doing registration and admin! It was my role for the remainder of the week to be on the door as the kids arrived and showed them their groups, by the time this was finished, it’d be time for drinks and biscuits, and loo runs…! So, I didn’t actually get that much hands on time with the kids this year. But it was all good, we all worked well as a team 🙂 But, I was really surprised when one of the kids brought me a leaving present and thank you card on the last day! It is a little blue bracelet 🙂

This year was also exciting because their we’re three new additions to the team, all born within 6 weeks of each other. Fun times 🙂

We had a visit from Simon, from Scripture Union on the first day! But I didn’t mind, as I got to play with SU’s DSLR Camera and show Simon how to use it in the process, teehee.

When I was at my interview last week, Monty mentioned that Oscar Selfridge, who would be another Church Assistant alongside me next year, was also at Keswick, but he didn’t know what he was doing in Keswick! I asked around a few folks, and found him in the Skiddaw Street Stewards team. We exchanged numbers and met up later in the week in Costa, which was lovely.

I got a message from Monty at All Souls, saying that he’d need me there from the beginning of the contract, so I can’t go on the Guiding Tall Ships Trip, which I am gutted about, but my new job is important. I was more disappointed when I got home to discover that Guiding wont give me my money back, so I’m down £475. Rubbish.

I wound up heading home from Keswick 18 hours early. I was ill, tired and stressed. I know my priority is to start my new job fit and well, not ill, so I didn’t mind. It was strange to think that this year I did not go to the Lake, I didn’t go on a boat trip, I didn’t play crazy golf, I didn’t go to Java and eat Chocolate Fondu, I didn’t climb a hill. But, I was content with what I did do 🙂


Aeroplanes and Iceland

April 15, 2010

Prior to my visit to Iceland in 2002, I remember being a little anxious about Volcanic activity. At that time, the volcano’s weren’t really active, but still, amongst the glaciers, they were an impressive sight. [I would share my pictures with you, but they’re all on slides… back in the day… before digital photography 😉 ]

So, the recent eruptions have caught my attention. The pictures are pretty impressive.

A group of school children from Loughborough have been evacuated from their accommodation in the early hours as they were in a vulnerable position in relation to the active volcano. That must be pretty scary! Especially as the British air space is closed until the ash cloud clears, so their flights home tomorrow are unlikely.

Read here to find out more.

One article said ‘It’s not just tourists who have been affected, but British sport, too.’ As if sport is the most important thing it’s affecting?! [Sorry] But seriously, what about the Icelanders who’ve been evacuated from their homes?


Flooding in Cumbria

November 21, 2009

This is where I first lived.

It’s horrid what they’re going through, not just in Burneside, the village where we lived, above the Post Office and village store my parents ran until I was 2 and a half. But the whole of Cumbria is just in devastation. Kendal, where I was born, just a few miles from Burneside is also badly hit. As is Keswick, seeing photos’ of the water level’s outside Booths is shocking. And elsewhere around Cumbria.

Last night, Dad and I watched news night(?) They were talking about this photo which was on the front of many of today’s newspapers. And comparing it to a C17 art work of Christ being raised on the cross. It’s frustrating I can’t seem to find out any more details about it today. So if you’ve seen it online, please let me know 🙂
It is a fantastic photo, though!