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Victoria’s Hen Weekend in pictures

May 18, 2010

We got the train here:

We found the Sea

And went to the Sea Life Centre

Check this Sea Horse out!

We found Nemo

I hung out with Henrietta’s long-lost cousins for a while

We walked along the Seaside

Victoria was not impressed by her mother’s pranks!

The T-shirts!

We ate lots of food 🙂

Some of us danced the nights away!

We had Champagne breakfast!

I met up with my cousin, Keith

We had a picnic in Peasholm park

We went on the Dragon Peddle boats

We hung out

We played Crazy golf, which got a wee bit competitive towards the end!

Victoria and I were crowned Queen of the Special people!

We made an awesome Sandcastle

Scarborough Castle was our inspiration!

We were kids!

The tide destroyed our creation 😦

We went out for more food

We had Barry Ice Creams!

We got up at 4am (after getting in at gone 1am) to watch the Sunrise!

Which did not fail to leave me in awe of creation

All in all, we had a fantabulous weekend. I completely forgot about work and LST and much fun was had.


Are we called to lives of singleness?

March 15, 2010

I’ve just re-integrated back into the Bible and the People of God stream on Sexuality.

When I was a kid, I assumed life would happen a bit like this;

Go to School then to University, during which time find ‘Mr Right,’
Leave home, Get Married, start life… build a new home.

Possibly because that’s how my godmother did it? I was her ‘cute’ little bridesmaid the same summer she graduated. I thought that’s how it works for everyone, right?


I have this massive passion inside of me to settle. To be involved in a local church; to make a difference.
To play my ‘cello. To teach. To be well enough to play Netball weekly and build relationships with team members. Maybe to lead a Brownie pack.
And to have someplace to call ‘home’ where I’ll have someone I can depend on, to pray with, to discern how to make a difference; together. And, one day, become a mother. I long for this with such burning desire I cannot express.

And yet, marriage can be a form of sin. Shocking, huh? But when a couple pursue their spouse with more vigor than they pursue God, their marriage has become an idol.

Today we were discussing Sexuality and Singleness. I’m actually sat here and I don’t know what to write? I know some people are called to a life of singleness and celibacy, John Stott is an incredible example for us today; the ministry he was able to accomplish, the works he was able to do without the ties of family life. Jesus, Paul, John the Baptist are but a few examples of single Biblical people.

But singleness is such a difficult thing for the church today to deal with. So much happens for couples, for families, for children and youth, for the elderly. But single people going to church can have such a hard time. I’m not saying the church is consciously discriminating against them, quite the opposite, but unconsciously things that happen cause single people to be pushed to the sidelines so often, to feel unwanted, not useful, like they don’t belong. And, how can we provide for singletons without them feeling humiliated?

For some, a life of celibacy is a blessing. It is part of an individual’s calling to be single. To devote their entire lives to God in that way.

But for me, I know it is not good for me to be alone. I am scared, utterly terrified that I will spend the rest of my life as a spinster, how I hate that word.

Once again, I find myself at the foot of the cross. Laying down the desires of my heart and trusting, holding so tight to the promises He has for my life.



March 10, 2010

You know what I’ve been craving lately…? You’re probably thinking along the lines of nice food, or something, well, not that. I really crave exercise… the feeling you get as your blood rushes around your body, the energized feeling you get after a good game. But I know I’m really not well enough, which sucks. And I’m scared that when I feel a little bit better, if I tried, I’d accidentally overdo it and end up going backwards 😦