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December 21, 2011

I love it when Clergy swear; it makes them so much more, well, human.

I don’t think I’d heard a member of clergy swear twice in one sentence until yesterday; I was in Prison, delivering Christmas Cards (as you do) with one of the Chaplains. We also wound up doing a one-to-one (or two-to-one as I was shadowing the Chaplain). We’d spent near on 40 minutes with a very anxious man, who’d not seen his family for months, because they’re all 3 hours away and they can’t afford to visit and his gran is too sick to travel that far, either. He had requested, numerous times, to ask to be transferred to a prison nearer his family (which they do), but he’s not heard anything back, which I’m sure you understand is very distressing for him. So we went to the wing office to ask if they knew anything; and the officers who spoke were being really hard on him essentially calling him a cry baby and trying to play the system (which he said he isn’t, he didn’t want to be put on an ACCT – an obs programme for vulnerable prisoners) and ‘he should have thought about that before he broke the law…’ which is understandable, but at the same time, you’d be a bit down if you’d been in prison months and heard nothing back from all the applications etc. do the prison officers have no compassion? The Chaplain and I walked out the office, down the landing, and said ‘I’m going to swear…… miserable fucking bastards!’ which kinda made me laugh out loud!

Today I was in conversation with another priest, we were discussing a recent set back of mine, (the cause of which shall remain nameless) And in response to some hurtful prose whilst also discussing a difference in culture (and sex), he referred to them with some more colourful language. And, again, I think, I laughed.

On the whole I try not to use bad language; but sometimes I think it helps just to clear the air, to let off steam and feelings about something(or one). And both occasions to which I refer in this post, were, I add, in confidential spaces; they were no prisoners in hearing distance, and the Vestry isn’t exactly consecrated ground, anyway!

N.b. I do not endorse clergy swearing.


Protected: Cancer

January 22, 2011

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Happy Christmas from the Church Elves

December 7, 2010

Being the season of Advent, we Church Assistants have morphed into Elves for your entertainment! Click on the four links below…

With love from Hannah, Maw, Oscar, John and I.

Jingle Bells

Country Christmas

Jazz Christmas

Surfing Christmas!

Thanks John!


Protected: Changes

December 1, 2010

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Holidays are coming…

November 29, 2010

This still has to rank as one of the best Christmas commercials


Surprises in Narnia

March 13, 2010

I can’t complain, I had almost 24 whole hours of goodness. Of feeling happy, with relatively little pain etc.

I decided to go to Tesco’s this afternoon as I’d run out of the necessary supplies of Soya milk, additional protein, fruit, and some treats. While I was there I had a brief look at what DVD’s they had and I got the new version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at a good price, so I bought it.

I watched the Rugby when I got back, which was a bit of a messy game for England to say the least! By half time I was feeling really rough. Tesco’s was really hard, firstly with going on a Saturday (not sure I had much wisdom on that one), then Mum called, so I was talking to her while doing shopping, which was, well, painful. The journey home was stressful as a Police car nearly collided with me as I went through green lights – it only put his blues on as it was coming towards me! And, I’ve discovered golfing is more exerting than I’d previously given credit; I’m incredibly achy in places that haven’t ached for a while! So, I’m in bed, having a restful evening.

Lizzie joined me to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which was lovely. I’ve never seen the new version all the way through and Lizzie hadn’t seen this version yet, either. I love Narnia.

I also love that Aslan appeared in one of my horrible dreams last week and made everything disappear.

I failed to mention yesterday that the event which picked me up from the depths of the horrendous valley I’ve been in mentally, was a surprise visit from my best friend. He actually made my day. I had been sat in my PJ’s at nearly lunchtime, having not eaten, or opened the curtains, or anything. Yet he encouraged me to work and I got a copy of my dissertation project to my supervisor. I did washing, I cleaned my room. Then we chilled out, and I napped, which was less fun, but it was okay, you know, because he was there. I miss him not being here.

He also introduced me to Longview‘s album, Mercury. I love it. My favorite song is I would. I’ve not really heard of them before, but that’s my rubbish-ness when it comes to music and names of bands, and so forth… I found their website and I really like what Rob had to say about his classical training;

“I didn’t want to be regurgitating classical music in a baroque style which was a lot of the music I was playing,” he says. “I wanted to create music about things I saw. The only interest I’ve got in music is the way it makes you feel about your own life, and what I was studying wasn’t relevant to my life. If you are in a rock band you’re not regurgitating, you are the creative force… you Are Beethoven”

I personally disagree with the regurgitating baroque music comment too. Part of why I love playing the ‘cello is that I can put my own interpretation into the music.
I think it’d take some more album’s to convince me that he is Beethoven, but the sentiment’s good, at least! Although, I wouldn’t wish the life of Beethoven upon anyone, either!

Anyway, thank you for your surprise visit. You made everything so much better.

Now I’m praying for restful, reviving sleep, and pain to go, please.



January 2, 2010

I arrived through the tunnel on a train from Sheffield, to the sight of the magnificent peak district hills, covered in snow. My words cannot describe their beauty. I hope my photography can capture a glimpse for me to share with you.

Due to the similarity of our names, Lizzie (Jakeman), Lyn (Lizzie’s auntie) and I (also Liz), decided to play a game of Pass the Pigs using our ‘other’ names. So, Robert (which Lizzie would have been called had she been a boy!), Berlinda (Lyn’s original name) and Thomas (which I would have been called had I been a boy!) set to play. Robert has never played the game before, and despite Berlinda’s fascination for Pigs in general, hadn’t played the game for a while, so I had the task of teaching them how to play! We had much fun and joy throwing two, very small pigs! Robert’s Mummy once again said how nice it was to hear the two of us laughing together!

Lizzie opened her Christmas present from me, and gave me my Christmas present – I am now the very blessed owner of the most beautifully soft slippers in the world!

During afternoon tea, we discussed the virtues of matchmaking and arranged marriages in the era of Pride and Prejudice. We discussed the resemblance of the character of Mr Bennett to that of one person in the room! His quiet, reserved character, not often contributing to conversation, but listening and observing. Hilarious.

Lizzie and I spent a studious two hours on New Year’s Eve writing essays. I almost have an introduction that I am happy with! Before switching off for the evening, playing games and seeing in 2010 together. Harah for friends :o)

We played Mah Jong and watched the fireworks in London on the television before heading towards bedfordshire.

Friday morning, I awoke before the afternoon. Lizzie and I spent another while working hard on essays, before heading to the pub for lunch with her parents. Lizzie opted not to have a pudding, but dived into other people’s when they weren’t watching! Naughty girl.

We both spent the afternoon working hard. My aim was to hit 1000 words by the end of the day. However at about 4.30 I ‘hit the wall’ and desperately needed rest. I slept for a couple of hours, which wasn’t so restful, but at least I was stopped. I had a bath, which helped me feel better. Lizzie had also had some down time, she’d been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which reminded me of when a certain someone read this to me when I was very ill in his room last year. We picked up work again for another couple of hours. I reached 1000 words, but I do not feel anywhere near half way through the essay! And, I didn’t feel any sense of achievement having reached the days goal 😦

I’m really not feeling well. My back and joints have gone incredibly clicky, which is painful. IBS is pretty bad too… acid reflux continually coming into my mouth and needing the bathroom a fair amount too. I think this is because over the last week or so I’ve run out of supplements, I ordered some more last weekend, so I’m hoping they’ve arrived by the time I get home.

We had tea, played more Mah Jong, during which Lizzie stole my first ever chance to go ‘Mah Jong’ and we went to bed.

Lizzie came into my room to wish me a Good Morning, and inform me that it was snowing again! She opened the curtains and I lay watching the snow; beautiful. However, it meant her parents wanted to get off sooner rather than later to drive home.

Dominic, a vile-din friend from NSGSO happened to be staying in Hathersage until Saturday morning with some friends from uni. He met me and we had tea in Calver and he drove me to Chesterfield which meant I just had one half hour train journey 🙂

Dad met me at the train station, and we picked up my new MacBookPro. Very exciting. We came home and put the cover on it and charged the battery. But I’m refusing to play with it until I’ve finished this Bible and the People of God essay discussing Sin in Deuteronomy and Romans.

So the MacBookPro is waiting for me downstairs – out of sight. The books upstairs are sat sprawled on my bed and desk willing the essay to write itself… It would be nice to be finished by tomorrow evening. We shall see?