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Protected: Fun Week at London School of Theology 2010

June 26, 2010

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Protected: Last week catch-up and todays achievement

February 28, 2010

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Thinking Day

February 22, 2010

22nd February in WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) is World Thinking Day. [Within the Scout Association it’s Founders Day]

It’s a day when members throughout the world come together in their units and districts to consider the meaning of Scouting and Guiding and remember others involved throughout the world. Donations are collected for the Thinking Day Fund which supports projects to help Guides and Scouts around the world. February 22 was chosen as it was the birthday of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell and of Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and World Chief Guide.

Each year WAGGGS choose a theme for Thinking Day. This year, in the Centenary year of Girlguiding, the theme is “Together we can end extreme poverty and hunger.”

In my home District, there was a service at the local Methodist Church yesterday afternoon for all the units in our village. Colette and I have both been a bit cynical about it, in that it seems a bit of a cop-out especially as it’s the Centenary and all!

I have been thinking about friends who I have met at various points in my Guiding life, at Internationals, NSGSO and random other places.

  • I had a good phone call catch up with Colette.
  • I’ve been thinking of Sarah who has just returned to Britian having been working at Our Cabana (one of the four Guide World Centres) in Mexico. She is about to start work in London for WAGGGS – exciting times!
  • I received a text from Helen, who I met just recently at Innovate, asking how I was doing back at college 🙂
  • I thought about NSGSO folks, and was happy to hear that Dad has been asked back again to be Assistant Scouter on this summers course, so he’s responsible for activities and logistics.

I saw Adrian today, he said he thought of me over the weekend, as his daughter had been on a Brownie Thinking Day event in Watford, and came home with a badge for her sash, and Adrian told her about my Campfire Blanket! Heh! I emailed him the pictures to show his daughter!

It was really ace to hear from a Father’s perspective how they really valued Brownies, giving his daughter that ‘girls only’ space which is such an integral part of the movements ethos, despite her being, like I was at her age, a tom-boy!


A little reminder of NSGSO

February 17, 2010

Katherine came to visit me here at LST for a few days as it’s her school half term. It was lovely to see her, I hope she enjoyed her visit! Katherine is a 13 year old NSGSO ‘cellist, who last summer asked if it was okay that she saw me as her role model; bless her!

Here’s a few things we did;
Walk around Lido followed by drinks in the pub.
I gave Katherine a ‘cello lesson and let her play my ‘cello!
I introduced her to the wonderful game of Flux! Which she managed to thrash me at!
We watched the first series of the Vicar of Dibley!
I took Katherine to LST Chapel.
We went to to Harrow, wandered around some shops and went to the cinema and saw Valentines Day, followed by McDonalds!

A few LST folks thought she was my sister…! Simon Steer had more conversations with Katherine than I’ve had with him in the last year, which was quite funny! Katherine said that Simon Steer reminds her of Michael MacIntyre! I’d never thought about that before!

While she was here, Katherine’s Dad ‘phoned to say her letter from NSGSO had arrived and that she’d been selected to be in again this year! Yay!



February 14, 2010

Here’s what 800 badges on a campfire blanket looks like:

‘Front’ or ‘Side 1’
Fire as designed by my father and I… representing both the Guide Trefoil and the Scout Promise Badge in a camp fire fashion… adapting the top star into a cross; thus representing my faith. The two neckerchiefs underneath are the colours of the two guide units to which I belonged.
Badges earned, swapped or stolen up to the age of 18.
As amended 13th November 2009.

and ‘Back’ or ‘Side 2’
Badges earned, swapped or stolen post age 18.
As ‘finished’ 14th February 2010; 800 badges sewn on thus far…

Sewing badges on my blanket on days when I’m not doing so great, certainly mentally, has the ability to lift my mood somewhat.

Small things together make impressive things.

I wonder if it’d be possible to reach 1000 badges on my blanket by the end of the Girlguiding Centenary? (Which, incidentally lands on my 25th birthday – ack, I’ll be a quarter of the age of Guiding!)


On the bright side

February 13, 2010

Following some more starring into space, I finally decided yesterday to sew some badges on my campfire blanket… just a few more and I’ll hit 800 in total sewn on (there will be pictures, no doubt). I sewed on about 6 badges, but it made me feel like I’d achieved something, even though it’s not that important, or big, I did something. Which meant tea time wasn’t as hard as lunchtime.

I sat next to Kayoko (sp?) the mature student who I bumped into the previous night in the corridor. It was nice to talk to her, even though it drained my energy somewhat as I found her accent hard to understand. But I love the diverse nature of the LST students 🙂 It turns out she had asked Iris (Registrar) if she could move to the room which I am now in, to be on the ‘sunny’ side of college, which I feel a bit guilty about, but also very thankful to Iris for reserving the room for me!

I also heard Tim was having a party for his birthday, with not having internet, I assumed I’d missed something on the Intranet, but it turned out it was a Facebook invite. I texted Tim and asked if I could come, turns out he’d not been so good at letting everyone know about it, so I didn’t feel so not wanted! Both Paul and Rachael said they’d let me know when they were leaving, so I could walk up with them around 8 (as I didn’t know where Tim’s house is). I had a nap, with my ‘phone in my hand, I looked at my ‘phone at 7.40 and figured I still had 20mins, the next thing I knew it was 8.30 and I had no messages or missed calls. I felt crap. Oh, and forgotten about. I rang Paul and he had forgotten me and was already there. He suggested a few other people, some of which I couldn’t get hold of, or plans had changed. I rang Dave, he was there and was lovely, I decided to drive up, as I’d be going on my own…
I had a good time. It was lovely to catch up with some folks from my year and meet some new people, too. I also didn’t stay too long, which I was pleased with myself about!

I came back to my room got ready for bed and watched some Grey’s, then it took forever to sleep. I was in pain. I needed the loo but had to go right down to the ones outside the Finance office, which felt like miles away in the early hours! I could hear talking, but I couldn’t work out where it was coming from exactly. Which frustrated me, as when I went to lunch, Katka told me off for my alarm going off this morning and disturbing Nino. I didn’t even hear my alarm until 9.30 when I turned it off!

I didn’t get up ’till midday, but unlike yesterday, it wasn’t too bad. I think I need to work on getting up when I have no reason to get up, though.

I was blessed once again by the special diet food I was given at lunchtime. Yum.

This afternoon, I have sent some emails, worked on a job application, sewed on some badges and I’m about to do some ‘cello practice. Things are not as bad as they may have seemed.

Tomorrow I hope to visit one of the churches in the group for which I’m applying to be a Pastoral Assistant, as the deadline is on Friday.

Oh, do this.



February 10, 2010

With some encouragement from the lovely Colette, I decided in the Autumn to come to the Centenary Innovate this weekend. Innovate is a conference-type event for Senior Section (aged 14-26) members of GirlGuiding UK. My first Innovate was in Edinburgh in 2003, which was counting towards my Queen’s Guide Award. I really enjoyed it, I’ve just not been back as I’ve not been up to date with when the next one is, or it’s not been at a good time for me.

Despite it not being the wisest thing, going away the weekend before I move back to LST on the Monday, I actually think it was good for me. It took my mind off the fact I was returning, I didn’t have time to think about it in any detail and it also meant I’d done my LST packing by Thursday evening.
Before I looked at the map and realised actually how close to London it was, I promised Colette and Katie a lift there and back to Nottingham. It was nice to travel with people, but it might have made more sense for me to drive straight onto LST on Sunday afternoon. Ah well!

We had a good time, I feel. I met some lovely new friends and had fun times :o) There was badge swapping and buying, Carnival parties, eating so much very good food, drinking, chilling in rooms, finding out how many people we can fit in a Honda Jazz (7, but potential for more), seeing the Chief Guide herself, and finally, making the shape of ‘100’ stood in the rain on a field, blowing bubbles with photographic evidence!

We have the opportunity to try some new things on the Saturday afternoon.
Firstly I went to the ‘Me In Mind’ session, which is a programme for 14+, to raise awareness of mental health issues, more of a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach, but still a valuable resource which I am going to encourage other youth leaders to use. During the session I took part in a selection of the activities, including writing ‘My Fit List’ see below, and I wound up earning the ‘Me In Mind’ badge, which is always good! We were told the pack and badges would be on sale at the Shop on Sunday afternoon, but by the time I’d got to the front of the queue, they’d sold out! Rubbish! Oh well, I shall order them soon.

*My Fit List*
My favourite colours are; Pink, Purple, Blue and Orange
My favourite music is: Classical, Musicals, Feel Good
A great day out was: to Alton Towers with Victoria
My best day ever was: Snow Day 2009
When I’m happy I: smile, laugh, giggle, sing, make music
When I’m looking good I wear: pretty dresses or skirts
My favourite sport is: Netball
I can talk to: Jesus, Lizzie, David, Jo, Hannah, Scott, Peter, Helen, Rachel,
My favourite subject at school was: Religious Education
My good friends are: Lizzie, Dave, Vicky, Helen, Jo, Colette, Catriona, Hazel, Cat, Scott, Peter,
My favourite painting is: (still pondering that one)
My favourite singers are: Amy Linley and Liza Mohan
The best thing in life is: God
Someone I respect is; Katie, because she is: faithful, honest, hard working, successful and happy
Three great things about myself are: my determination, my creativity, and that I have hope
I want to be: happy, loved and fulfilled
The people who care about me are: Mum, Dad, David, Lizzie, Andrew, Jo, Rachel, Nick, Catriona, Helen, Manon,
The things I do really well are: playing ‘cello and baking cakes or biscuits

I also went to the Campfire session, where we admired each other’s campfire blankets, sewed on badges, did a campfire quiz, made edible campfire snacks, shared songs and earned a Centenary Campfire Challenge badge 🙂

On a more serious note, my Action Project Workshop was on GirlGuiding UK’s Peer Education programme, 4; 4ward, 4self, 4others. I went on In4mer training in November ’05 during my gap year. It’s a really good initiative, in that members of the Senior Section are trained to go to unit’s and run an In4mer session on relevant but difficult topics, such as Abuse, Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Bullying, Mental Health issues, Eating Disorders, Asylum Seekers etc. It enables us to lead a session on these topics that the regular leaders may have difficulty doing, with the age gap, or sensitive issues they don’t know how to handle questions the girl’s might have. As In4mers, we’re near enough age for the girls to relate to, and may even have first hand experience to testify which makes it so much more real. In the workshop this weekend, we were battling out why 4 isn’t working so well, in that it doesn’t seem to be that ‘out there’ in wider guiding. There can be a lack of support from local unit guiders, districts and county’s. And the support system within 4 isn’t exactly plain sailing, 4cast don’t reply to emails sufficiently and essentially it doesn’t work as well as it has potential to do. So, our workshop set about re-writing the support network and communication systems for 4. It’s exciting! Especially as GirlGuiding UK do actually listen to the outcomes of these workshops at Innovate.

We make a difference. Harah.