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There’s Nothing Quite Like A Real Book

January 21, 2012

I admit, I have recently become the owner of a Kindle, but I still love real books, and these two clips bring me great joy! Enjoy:




September 19, 2010

Just this evening, on an epic coach journey, I was having a conversation with the wonderful Richard, a music lecturer of mine from LST, about the merits of books, in their physical form. He had explained how he’d been reading The Hobbit this weekend via his iPhone, and how convenient it was for him; that he didn’t have to get out of bed to turn out the light before he turned in for the night, that he could pick up where he left off again on the coach journey, or wherever else he was.

Personally, I prefer having a book in my hand. I like carrying a book in my bag, it may be an inconvenience when the bookmark looses it’s place, but most of the time I am able to find where I had got to with ease.

I like the feeling of holding a book in my hands. I know how much of the book I have read, and how much I have yet to read. The comfort. The smell. The paper. The Ink. The collection of books upon my shelf. All adds that homely, warming feeling to my surroundings.

Maybe I’m not a child of my time?

But I spotted this evening, on my return from Manchester, that Lorraine Sommerfeld has similar thoughts…



August 13, 2010

As part of our Church Assistant Training and Study Programme, we are expected to do a certain amount of reading. Each term we have a core book which we then discuss together at the end of the term. In the Autumn Term we will be reading God’s Big Picture by Vaughn Roberts, Spring Term will be Cross-Examined by Mark Meynell and Summer Terms reading TBC.

We also need to write a personal reading report on another book of our choice each term. I’ve just started reading The Cross of Christ by John Stott, Rector Emeritus at All Souls. Another suggestion has been to read CS Lewis’ The Cosmic Trilogy. I do have a lot of books which I want to read, but I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for my reading this year? Bearing in mind I get a lovely book allowance with my job 🙂

Thankies 🙂