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Protected: Cancer

January 22, 2011

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How Great Thou Art

October 5, 2010

I always love it when CD’s from an event I was involved with arrive. Usually I’ve pre-ordered them at the event itself, so they’re arrival brings back happy memories 🙂

When I got home from work today, the latest All Souls Orchestra Prom Praise CD & DVD, How Great Thou Art recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall on May 8th this year, was awaiting my return. I’m now sat listening to it. 😀


Protected: Manchester, Social Etiquette? and Men are from Mars

September 19, 2010

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Week One on our own…

September 11, 2010

Here we go; it’s down to us…

On Monday I arrived at work in time for Staff Fellowship Groups followed by Staff Lunch. It was our first Staff Lunch with everyone back after the summer. I love it. We were introduced to the new Apprentices who have just started their year this week. We had our meeting with Dave, reviewing the previous week and looking at the week ahead. Our Monday Training sessions start next week, so we got ahead with prep. for the evening as there was a Fellowship Group Support meeting for all the Fellowship Group leaders.

On Tuesday John and I were on duty for the Prayer Gathering shift. All of us Church Assistants were invited to the front to be introduced officially to the Church Family, which ended up being hilarious as ever!

On Wednesday, after being rudely awoken by builders and diggers outside my bedroom at 7.15am, I began early to set up for the Aroma leaders meeting and training session before it starts up again next week for the new term. Mark repeated a talk of his from Cornerstone on the Gospel of John, as that’s what they’ll be looking at each week. The others’ were all painting two rooms upstairs whilst I got on with the ‘normal’ Wednesday duties. Hannah and Oscar appeared to get more paint on each other than on the walls! The others wound up staying late to get the rooms finished, but I’d done all my tasks, so went home and slept… for 4 hours! I felt rubbish, but it was John’s birthday party, had it been any other social I probably wouldn’t have gone, but I thought having slept for 4 hours I would be alright… Oscar had cooked a feast for us, but it was all a bit behind schedule due to finishing work late! We ate around 10pm… Hannah and Maw had made John a birthday cake which was lovely, too. Dave gave me a lift home when the celebrations finished around midnight, but I really wasn’t feeling well again 😦 I wound up being up, ill most of the night, and had to take Thursday off ill. My first full sick day. Sad times.

I picked up again by late afternoon, at which point I had the dilemma of going to the ASO rehearsal for Manchester next weekend. On the one hand, it may well pick me up mentally and physically by getting out the house, seeing people and being productive. I am working next Thursday evening so I can’t make the rehearsal, so I felt I should go this week. Yet I didn’t know how it would look being in church playing my cello, having been off ill all day. And the worry of if I go, I may not be so well tomorrow…?! I decided to go for it in the end, and I’m glad I did; it was the right decision 🙂

On Friday I did my first solo shift at St Paul’s Robert Adam Street. I was working for Jelly Beans, the Mum’s and Toddler’s group which is an outreach of All Souls. I then had various cleaning tasks to do, which I finished early, so I used the opportunity to cycle over from SPRAS to All Souls, using my new Boris Bike key! Initially it took a while to get a bike to come out of a dock, once I did, I realised how bumpy roads in London are! I then discovered that I don’t fully know the one-way systems around the area, and ended up going in more of a zig-zag direction to get back to church!

On Friday evening we were all invited for dinner at the Enns’ house; John Stott’s former home. We had fun times with them, eating very yummy food and getting to know Louanne and Paul a bit more. After some persuasion, Dave offered to drop me and my Cello off at St Pancras Station for a train back to the ‘shire for Colette’s 20th. I found it hilarious that on the way out of the Enns’ flat, Dave caught his shoelace in the door and had to call the buzzer to be freed!

More Anon. Here’s a few pictures from the week;

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September 3, 2010

I feel so blessed lately… small things which just make me smile and know that I am loved.

Last week, Noel encouraged me to keep playing with the All Souls Orchestra, but in a way that I know he values me as a player; I don’t just sit in the section bumbling along… He also said he’d fight my corner if needed with my rota so that I can play for orchestral services and things… which is nice, but at the same time, I am aware it’s up to me to pace myself, too!

We’re also very blessed with food. As Church Assistants, we’re allowed to eat food from the Church kitchen. We also get a food allowance, so that Jack, the Chef orders things in for us and puts it in the freezer. We’re in negotiation as a team (as we have to order the same things each week) It’s looking along the lines of meats. Protein. Nice.

I just wanted to share that with you! 🙂



August 24, 2010

After surviving the early shift on Sunday, I slept the remainder of the afternoon. My flat mate, Maw, was working the evening shift, so when I woke, I was alone. I still wasn’t feeling great, but didn’t want to be alone the whole evening, so I went to church. One thing after another, I didn’t make it ’till the sermon, Rico was preaching. Off hand, I can’t even remember what the passage of his sermon was on, or what the whole thing was about, but I know what stuck on my heart. In reference to suffering, Rico said God entrusts trials on people at certain times… Rico was warning against the dangers of prosperity gospel, remembering ‘others’ in the passages. But I remember feeling that God was saying to me ‘I trust you’ not just with the little mundane day to day things, but with the bigger things, it made me realise that somehow, despite suffering being suffering, that God does use it for good. My testimony, despite my doubt, is worthwhile in His kingdom. That my perseverance, despite my stumblings, do have an impact on other people. I can walk alongside others. I can say I know how you feel. I can make a difference.

But less than a day after this, I was questioning;

Questioning my health? Questioning my ability to do my new job? My financial circumstances? Whether I can afford, money, time and energy to pursue my ‘cello? My instability with PTSD? My desires to study further this year? My gifts? My ability to play the ‘cello? How much chance I will have this year to play with the ASO? My ability to live and look after myself in London? My patience? My very being.

Which reminds me of a phrase once used by a good friend of mine; I wholly rely on God, when I remember.

Trust is a two-way thing, huh?



July 11, 2010

Canals change your perspective on the world.

Everything passes you by slowly. You can appreciate the beautiful surroundings. You can stop where you like for the night (within reason). I loved that we stop in the middle of nowhere most of the time.

I spent the week following Graduation aboard my parents narrowboat, Coriander. I wasn’t sure how it would go, spending a long time with my Mum and Dad on a boat, but we had a good time! At the weekend, Matthew was around too, so he was at my graduation day. We all headed into London early on Sunday morning, as I was playing at All Souls for the Orchestral morning services. Which was followed by lunch at Pizza Express with Daniel and others, to celebrate his new job!

I went home on Friday in order to be around for Amelia’s wedding, which was beautiful! The service was perfect. Incredible. It was truly lovely to catch up with Sophie and the Teague’s – it’s been far too long!

The Teague family

(the girls have grown into models…!)

Sophie and I

The following week, Dave and I spent on Coriander. We had a really lovely time… and we didn’t break it… until we were 1mile away from our rendezvous point with Dad!! Dave let me play with his camera, and I now love photography! Here’s some pictures we both took:

Going through the first tunnel

Coming out the other side; we hadn’t lost a fender after all!

Feeding the ducks

Where we moored for the night; so peaceful 🙂

Watch out, its me piloting!

Me steering us into the dark, again!

Down the locks…

Building a new marina…

Silhouette at dusk on our last night aboard

Silhoette at dusk
As I was saying about perspective, there is a section of the Grand Union canal which runs parallel to both the M1 and the Railway in a valley. But it is only from the canal that you can really appreciate this. Driving along the M1, you would probably have no idea about the canal or railway. From the train, you can, if you’re looking attentively see the canal in fleeting moments. But only along the canal do you really notice this.

I also went to an LST reunion with my original LST year. It was a trek to drive from Nottinghamshire to Maidenhead, and I wasn’t sure if I would really be valued. But, because I promised Dave a lift, I got there. I’m so glad I went! I felt so loved and appreciated by people I didn’t think cared about me. I must make more of an effort to stay in touch with folks…