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Protected: Cancer

January 22, 2011

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Happy Christmas from the Church Elves

December 7, 2010

Being the season of Advent, we Church Assistants have morphed into Elves for your entertainment! Click on the four links below…

With love from Hannah, Maw, Oscar, John and I.

Jingle Bells

Country Christmas

Jazz Christmas

Surfing Christmas!

Thanks John!



November 30, 2010

12.5 hours without leaving the church building + M.E. = one crashed-out Lizzie.



A few reasons I find living in central London hard

November 30, 2010

Finally, we have some snow falling. But the ground is wet and it’s not settling. Yet we have the freezing cold temperatures that go with snow. Not fair. My friends in both Northwood and Finchley have good, settling snow.

As I ventured out into Zone 4 on Sunday, I nearly cried.

There were leaves on the ground. Autumn Leaves that crunch underfoot. I enjoyed kicking them as I walked along the paths. In central London, the leaves that we did have here were swept up into plastic bags and taken away for being composted.

I saw frost on cars in the middle of the afternoon. I had seen that in the afternoon, but what I saw next I realised how much I missed; the grass on the verges of road was frozen solid and looked so pretty. I miss seeing that. And hearing the crunch underfoot.

I miss the countryside.


Catching up, God hears and answers our prayers

November 29, 2010

So, I’m in the process of catching up with life, the universe and everything. I’m trying to keep things in some sort of logical order, which to me would mean some sort of vague chronology to them.

I was about to post about Sherif and backdate it to sometime last week, when I first heard. However news has just come in that he has arrived at Heathrow this very evening.

God is good.

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Picture Postcards

October 18, 2010

There’s recently been a postcard made of my place of work. I think they’re pretty cool, anyway.

All Souls Red Telephone Box



October 3, 2010

Yesterday I worked my first All Souls Wedding.

Amongst us girls, that is, Hannah, Maw and I, we have had girly wedding conversations already (!).

One fairly big dilemma for me currently is where I would get married. I have always said that I want to get married in the Quire at Southwell Minster. But, if I met someone from All Souls, would we end up getting married there? It would mean easier travel arrangements for most people.

Surprisingly, yesterdays’ Wedding at All Souls didn’t persuade me. I still want to get married at Southwell. It’s beautiful. It’s the country. It’s the memories. It’s home.

Obviously, this is all very dependent on finding a man to go with the marriage package, and what his thoughts and feelings are on the subject. But, y’know, I’m just sayin’.