About ‘One Theological Cellist’

Christian ‘cellist extraordinaire; graduate of Theology, Music and Worship, MA Theology in progress. I am trying to discern who and where God wants me be. And blogging about things, mainly as a means to help me process and discern what is going on in life; please forgive my unnecessary ramblings!

I am 32 years young, which is kind of scary. I have curly blonde-ish hair and bluey-greeny-grey eyes. According to my 6″ ruler, I am 5’6″. I like to keep in touch with my friends, from different parts of the world. I don’t like being on my own. I like to be involved in lots of stuff that makes me smile. Being out-of-doors makes me happy. As does playing my ‘Cello. And reading the Bible.

Due to the confidential nature of the topics I discuss and brutal honesty of some of these blog posts, some will remain protected. If you would like to read them, ask me for the password. However, I reserve the right not to give this password to everyone, I hope you understand.

The header for my blog ‘One Theological Cellist’ is a picture taken by myself looking from Scarborough North Bay over the silhouette of Scarborough Castle and peninsula, waiting for the sun to rise early one Sunday morning in May 2010.



  1. If you think being 24 is scary, you wait till you’re more than twice that age … in my case, that’s nearly 50, right? The age when you’re everyone’s grandparent…

    Looking on the bright side, however: at the moment I’m more than twice your age; but when you turn 25 I’ll be less than twice your age … which means I’m getting younger, yes??

  2. I’m not so sure about you getting younger, though. Dad always told me that I was getting older quicker, thus you’re getting older slower, with your calculations 😉

  3. I look forward to reading some interesting anecdotes.
    Being 25 seems a life time ago, but I did meet some lovely people in my twenties…….

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