Unforeseen Sabbatical

December 19, 2011

I didn’t intend to have a sabbatical from blogging, it just happened that way.

I know I’ve said it before, I’ve not really been blogging much of late. I’ve either been too busy with life, overwhelmed by the things I would normally write about, or intimidated by other, more superior people in the blogging world.

I am hoping to change this. Blogging isn’t just a means for you, my devoted followers, to keep a track of where I am with life. Blogging enabled me to think, process and reflect on topics, events, life, the universe and everything. And I have been fortunate to have the wise input from some of you, too.

I’m asking for your support, encouragement and patience as I seek to re kindle my thinking space, so I engage with the world as it goes by, rather than being engulfed by all the tiny details of the big, overwhelming, picture. Thanks!



  1. Hi there. I can relate to this! Good luck, take your time, and it will be good to hear from you again when you are ready.

  2. Heh, I think we’re all intimidated by other, more superior people in the blogging world! There’s always someone more knowledgeable, articulate and interesting than us. It goes with the territory.

    Yes blogging is certainly theraputic, but you can’t force it, so take your time and remember you’ve already dipped your toe back in the water with this post.

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