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Blue Monday(s)

January 24, 2011

Beat Blue Mondays


Tea Pots

January 22, 2011

There’s something sophisticated about having a Tea Pot. I’ve sufficed with making tea in a mug for the majority of the last 5 years or so, when I moved to university, and especially when I was at home drinking de-caff and everyone else would have normal Tea. I didn’t miss using a tea pot that much, or so I thought.

I’ve longed to own some Emma Bridgewater items for a long time. I love the simple practicality of a lot of her stuff. Living in Central London, and having an Emma Bridgewater shop on Marylebone High Street, a very short walk away from our flat, has played a huge temptation, which I am quite proud to say I resisted buying anything… Until it came to the January sales!

But at half price, I couldn’t wait any longer. This is similar to the Tea Pot I now own:

Beautiful, don’t you agree?

I know, a little extravagant.

But if Tea makes the world a better place, making Tea in a Tea Pot makes even better Tea, then, my word, the Tea I now drink is fabulous. It has all that extra space to diffuse and brew. And milk can be put in the mug first, and doesn’t it all make such a difference?! And, it’s even better than the Tea at home, as Mum and Dad’s Tea Pots are stainless steel, mine is pottery. The difference is wonderful.

Owning a Tea Pot enables me to feel like I belong in our flat; I am able to host wonderful people and make wonderful Tea. And play ‘mum’ using my beautiful Tea Pot. It’s comforting. And homely.


Protected: Cancer

January 22, 2011

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It’s been a while

January 20, 2011

Sincere apologies for the considerable lack of blog posts over the last month or so. Life has been complicated. I’ve not been writing or blogging, which is evidence that I’ve not really been processing, either.

Today, however, somehow the urge has come from somewhere to write again. I feel a massive sense of relief. Like I’m able to find my voice again, it seems somewhat strange, I am aware. But writing, knowing that a few people do check up on me via my blog, means an awful lot to me.

I met up with a friend earlier this week, who said I appear to be doing a lot better than when he last saw me, around a year ago. And, I agree. But I am also aware that other things have come to the surface and I would admit that they haven’t been dealt with in the best possible way. I agree with him that I am talking to more people, rather than relying on communicating almost exclusively with the world wide web. But, somehow, coming back to my blog, knowing that I have things in my head that I can (hopefully) soon write down, enables me to process things in a more helpful, structured way. And I can once again keep a track of things.

I have debated writing a ‘catch up’ blog all at once here and now. But i) I think it would turn into a mammouth, daunting blog to both read and write. and ii) despite having a day off today, which has been wonderful, I am now feeling ill, and in the need of rest as I’m working tomorrow through till next Thursday.

So, for now, my friends, and devoted readers, I shall bid thee goodnight, and hopefully, more anon. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by.