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400th post

August 31, 2010

I will post something special here. When I get around to it.


Hazel and Tony’s Wedding

August 30, 2010

On Saturday Hazel was a Princes.

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I caught a train from Euston to Berkhampstead with enough time to walk to the church. I decided to walk along the canal, as it would be prettier than the road… however, I hadn’t taken into account the recent rain, and the towpath was muddy, wearing flip-flops for comfort while traveling was a great idea, but I did arrive at the church with mud specks on my legs! Hilarious! You’ll be pleased to know that I was able to get myself sorted before the ceremony!

It was lovely to catch up with LST folks from the years above me. I hadn’t seen some of them for a while!

Hazel looked beautiful! And Tony didn’t look too bad, either!

The service was lovely, Hazel’s W2/3 led us in sung worship, the service being led by the pastor from Hazel’s home church and Tony’s church where they both now attend. Cat sang How deep the Father’s love for us beautifully, too. We were instructed to leave the church, dancing, as the Bride and Groom came back down the isle to I’m a Believer by The Monkees!

The reception was held at a beautiful country pub on the outskirts of Chesham, the rain held off until we were all eating, which was fantastic timing… there was a rainbow over the marquee after the rain, which made the day more special!

To break with tradition, Tony and Hazel had a ‘First Skelectric Race’ as opposed to a ‘First Dance’! Which kept the children, and others entertained most of the evening! It was very them, which I loved.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Groves!



August 27, 2010

One of the things which attracted me to the job I am now doing at All Souls, is because I didn’t have any explicitly church-based placements throughout my time at LST. Part of this was because I didn’t think I was good enough for church work, but as my cousin reminded me a while back, isn’t that the point? None of us are. Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting stuck in with placements here at All Souls.

Each term we have a different placement with a different ministry area of the church life. Not unlike LST, we have to write a report of our placement experience at the end of the term, to help us reflect and learn from our experiences.

There is so much going on at All Souls, which is amazing and exciting, but at the same time, makes choosing our top three for the coming term quite difficult! My shortlist includes

  • Christianity Explored – All Souls’ version of The Alpha course, evangelistic
  • Discipleship Explored – for new Christians
  • Breakfast Bible Study – Small group Bible study for Christians in the workplace
  • Springboard – Small group Bible Study for Christians new to All Souls
  • Seniors – Service, lunch and chatting with the elderly held at Clubhouse
  • Aroma – a mid-week Women’s Bible study

For this term I’ve gone for; Breakfast Bible Study (that’ll be interesting getting up early every Tuesday!), Springboard and Aroma.

I’m now waiting which of my three choices I’ll get… I’ll let you know!


Week 3

August 26, 2010

There’s not an awful lot more to say, really. We continued to be taught things, like a morning on First Aid, and a morning on Buildings and Health & Safety. Afternoons being shown around London in the pouring rain. Or setting up for various events.

I’m tired…


12 ways to become a superhero

August 26, 2010


The daily cycle…

August 26, 2010


PA – out of my comfort zone!

August 25, 2010

Towards the end of my degree, in Worship Clinic, we did personal and peer assessments, which I talked about here. One of the goals which came from my assessment was to do with PA. I’d learned all the theory in 1st year, but because there have always been people with far more expertise and/or enthusiasm, I’d always avoided getting involved with it myself. I sat at the back of Chapel a few times towards the end of term to try and improve my knowledge of how it all works and my attitude towards PA!

It seems that taking positive steps to overcome a negative thought pattern towards a certain issue really does help! Now I’ve started work at All Souls, the PA desk makes the one at LST seem tiny!

Initially Nick taught us how to use the relatively simple PA set ups in St Paul’s and in the Waldegrave Hall, which included how to set up for Sunday overflow services. I’ve had a few chances to play with it for events already, and I’m feeling much happier than I thought I might over PA and also computer/projector set ups, too.

Today, Chris took us through the PA in the main church – there is so much to think about. But, having sat with Chris last night, who was playing with the PA for the Prayer and Praise gathering, I felt like I already understood what was going on. Chris has just installed a new digital mixing desk, which I’ve been told will be much easier to use than the previous one! Easier or not, I’m still kinda chuffed with myself that I vaguely understand what’s going on, and that I’m happy to attempt to use it when next required!

I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone 🙂