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Computers and Busses

December 30, 2009

After planning what I was going to do today, last night… it didn’t quite turn out like that!

At lunch time with Mum – which was more like breakfast for me… I realised my idea of upgrading my computer this year, while still eligible for student discount, would be even better while the VAT rate is still reduced. So I had a wee look on the tinterweb, and Mum and I decided to go and compare prices in Nottingham.

I came home having purchased a 15″ MacBook Pro. Nice.

They were actually out of stock, so I wont be able to play with it ’till Saturday, but hey.

On another exciting note, either side of departing with said large sum of money, I ran for a bus, twice! I’ve not been able to run for the bus for ages, certainly without feeling considerably crap afterwards, anyway. Okay, so it dig aggravate things, but not to the extent it could have done.

I’m going to Hope tomorrow ’till Saturday. To see the New Year in with Lizzie and spend some time with her catching up and writing essays together! Yay!

I hope my ‘dongle works while I’m there… but, if not, I will fill you in upon my return, before or after I’ve played with my new toy.


I looked in the mirror

December 30, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to spend hours in front of a mirror. But just lately, along with noticing a gradual improvement in myself.. I’ve also caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I leave my bedroom. Without sounding vain, I’ve noticed I have more colour in my cheeks and look healthier, and, dare I say it, pretty. That’s without make up, or effort of any kind. I like.

Today, despite not waking up till late, I got up and was motivated and I wasn’t lonely; because I’d received a text message from someone very lovely.
I found some breakfast, and packed the dishwasher. I made biscuits to take to Hope when I visit Lizzie. I washed up. I got dressed (yes, I made biscuits in my PJ’s). I fed the neighbours cats. I cleared and laid the fire. I emailed a friend a recipe. I transferred money into my new bank account. I rang DLA and ESA people and have changed which bank account they’ll be sending my money too. I watched ‘Why Beauty Matter’s’ on iPlayer, and made notes while watching it, as it’s relevant to Arts and Worship. I prepared tea ready for Mum and Dad coming home from work. I read 4 chapters of McFadyen’s ‘Bound to Sin’ and am not sure those chapters were that relevant to the essay, and I found some of them hard going, personally 😦 I’m hoping the last four seem like they will be more relevant to the essay… as I’ve missing out the middle two… Mum and Dad came home, I made them a pot of tea. And then I crashed. So, I spent my evening in front of the fire, watching films. I’m physically wiped out and feeling pretty tearful, but, today has been a good day. I’ve been home alone all day, and I haven’t felt lonely. All because I had a plan, and I received one simple text message that reminded me I’m loved.
Then I tried on pretty dresses, as Mum said I ought to sell my old blue ball dress, as it’s too small, so I proved to her that it fits better now than it did a year ago! I then tried on my new ball dress I got in a sale, and then my dissertation recital outfit, shoes, necklace and all – that is my inspiration for my project. I am going to wear that dress this year. And, I am going to play as well as the dress looks!

And now, two hours after I went to bed, I can’t sleep. I can’t get my brain to switch off, my heart won’t slow down. I’m excited about returning home, to LST! I want it to be now. For all the work to be done. I’m nearly ready. I want to go home.



December 28, 2009

While we were on the boat, I finished the first draft of my Final Recital Program notes for our Integrating Theology and Music assessment. Since getting home, I’ve tweaked them and I’m pretty chuffed with the result so far.

That’s Arranging, Statement of Faith and Program notes complete, well drafted at least.

I couldn’t decide what to do next. I needed to pick one thing, else I’d waste time trying to decide! I figured that taking Formation Diary to work on in Hope while visiting Lizzie would be best, as I can do bits at a time, and doesn’t require so many books. Which means that tomorrow and Wednesday I shall begin to pick up where I left off with the Bible and the People of God essay comparing the doctrine of Sin in Deuteronomy and Romans…

I’m feeling more and more ready to go back to LST. I would love to return now, but I shall be patient.



December 28, 2009

Today we went on a voyage up the River Trent to Holme Pierpoint, where the National Water Sports center is… Matthew on Greenwood, and Dad as the Admiral of the Fleet, Mum and I on Coriander. We went underneath Radcliffe viaduct, which takes the trainline over the River Trent and the surrounding flood plane.

I’m quite proud of this photo, capturing both the Train and Greenwood crossing paths at the same time.

Matthew and Mum went on into Nottingham, so Greenwood could return to her home at Castle Marina. Dad and I went back down River, which was much quicker than the first leg of the journey!

Oh, did I mention it was -4 C. Brr.

We’re now home. Home is good. Although, it doesn’t sway in the water like the boats do!



December 28, 2009

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A floating Christmas

December 27, 2009

On Boxing Day, we drove 10 and a half miles to Stoke Bardolf; where Mum and Dad’s boat, Coriander and Matthew’s boat, Greenwood have been staying for Christmas. It’s the first time since Matthew moved from Coriander (on which he had been living in Birmingham during his final year at uni) to Greenwood, when he bought his boat that the two have been reunited. It’s lovely.
Stoke Bardolf is the other side of the River Trent to our village, Radcliffe on Trent… The walk along the cliff path down to the weir is about 20minutes from home. Yet, here on the boats, we could be miles away from home.

Unfortunately, on Boxing Day, I awoke and realised I’ve hit the wall… So I’m struggling a fair amount.

When we arrived, we lit the fires on the boats, made sure they were well established and went for a short walk. It was really weird seeing St Mary’s church from this angle! I was exhausted when we got back, walking on the snow and ice was hard work! I slept.
Dad and I watched ‘Why Beauty Matters’ on iPlayer.
I discovered my ‘dongle can find enough internet connection; harah!
We ate much food.
We played games.
We went to bed. Early. Nice.
I had weird dreams.
We all got up late.
We had cooked breakfast a la father.
I slept. Mum watched films. Dad played with generator. Matthew cut down over-hanging tree.
Mum and I went for a short walk, just beyond the Lock and back, to get some fresh air and we bumped into a teacher from school!
I felt strangely home-sick, which is something I’m not familiar with. Although, I don’t think I was missing home, as in Mum and Dad’s house. I’m seriously missing LST, especially my closest friends. I need to cry so much. Yet I can’t. I’m holding it in. I can’t escape anywhere. There’s no where to hide without freezing to death.
I slept.
I played with my Final Recital program notes for Integrating Theology and Music at LST. I completed the first draft. That’s three of nine pieces of work now drafted before I return.
Mum watched more films. Dad read. Matthew played on his boat.
We ate much more food.
We washed up.
We played Pass-the-Pigs and Pic-a-stick. Both of which I was in the lead for the whole of the game, then Dad had a go which put him in the lead and decided it was the end of the game. Humph.
We went to bed. Again, early. Score. [I blogged]

Tomorrow we’re going to sail up river to Holme Pierpoint Lock (National Water-Sports Centre) in convoy with Matthew. Where we shall have a big lunch. Dad and I shall return south back to Stoke Bardolf Lock. Matthew and Mum shall continue into Nottingham, Mum helping Matthew with the Locks. Dad and I to pack the car and return home.

When we’ll be one day closer to me returning home. To LST. I’m anxious, excited, nervous, happy, scared and hopeful about it all at once. And I haven’t played my ‘Cello in about a month.


Six Months

December 26, 2009

Six Months today, I hope to graduate.

6 months. 26 weeks. 182 days. 4,368 hours. 262,080 minutes. 15,724,800 seconds…

I will have;

  • Moved back to LST.
  • Paced myself.
  • Made new friends.
  • Compared the doctrine of Sin in Deuteronomy and Romans.
  • Performed a 40 minute dissertation recital.
  • Completed my dissertation.
  • Completed Formation Portfolio.
  • Written an article for the church on how to incorporate the arts in Worship.
  • Written a Liturgy.
  • Orchestrated a song.
  • Completed an exam on Biblical Sexuality.
  • Performed a 30 minute Final Recital.
  • Celebrated the end.
  • Got a job?
  • Been a bridesmaid.
  • Played my ‘Cello.
  • Graduated.

I pray this happens, without too much heartache and pain. Please.